Customers Who’ve Paid for Mattresses Facing Issues with Robinsons


On Friday (30 Oct), the local retail scene was rocked by the news that Robinsons would be closing its last two stores in Singapore, after 162 years in the game.

While some shopaholics are still busy gasping, several customers are shaking their fists at the company over mattresses.

Customers Who’ve Paid for Mattresses Facing Issues with Robinsons

Some Robinsons customers are facing issues over mattresses they previously paid for from the store.

The problem appears to be this: customers who placed deposits or pre-payment on mattresses are worried that they’re not going to receive the product they paid for.

The issue was exemplified in a post on Instagram, where a customer claims she was told by a mattress supplier under Robinsons that her bed would not be arriving due to Robinsons’ closure.

This is despite the fact that she already made a full payment for the product.

According to Mothership, the customer who made the post paid around $5,000 for a bed and bed frame.

The mattress supplier reportedly said the mattress would only be delivered if Robinsons paid for it.

Several customers have apparently faced the same problem.

So, what does Robinsons have to say about the matter?

Robinsons’ Response

In response to the backlash, Robinsons issued a letter to customers, assuring buyers that they are working to resolve the issue.

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“We understand there is currently some concern and anxiety with respect to deposits and pre-payments made to Robinsons on mattress sales. This has been identified as a priority issue to be address with the mattress suppliers,” the store said.

The company said it’s urgently scheduling meetings with mattress suppliers in a bid to settle the issue.

“Unfortunately, until we are able to discuss and resolve the issues with the mattress suppliers, we are unable to provide further update or action any deliveries, refunds, or exchanges”.

The store sought patience from its customers, and said it would notify all affected customers once they have found a resolution.

Meanwhile, affected customers are urged to email a copy of their receipt to [email protected].


Closed Due to Changing Retail Landscape & Covid-19

Like many businesses in 2020, Robinsons found its existing problems exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

A shift to online shopping over the years has greatly impacted the store’s sales, but it was the Covid-19 pandemic that put the nail in their coffin.

As a result of the store’s “inability to continue operations due to weak demand at department stores”, its remaining department stores at The Heeren and Raffles City Shopping Centre will be liquidated.

For this same reason, it will liquidate its two stores in Malaysia as well.

The very first Robinsons store was opened in Singapore in 1858 by Philip Robinson, an English merchant, and James Gaborian Spicer, a former keeper at the Singapore jail.


After over 150 years in the business, many shoppers are sad to see Robinsons close its doors for good.

You can read more about the store’s history here.