Rolls-Royce Driver Held Up Over 20 Cars ‘Coz There Wasn’t Enough Space to Move Forward


Road rage happens quite commonly.

In the past, it used to be loud car honking or swearing out of an open window.

Nowadays, it’s accompanied by phone cameras filming the entire process down for posterity onto various Facebook pages likes or SG Road Vigilante.

And well, this Rolls-Royce driver is definitely on the black list of drivers for his selfishness.

BMW Parking Slightly Out of the Lot

In a Facebook video that has been watched more 31,000 times, it features a passer-by who goes by Weixiang Schrödinger Lim on Facebook, trying to persuade a Rolls-Royce driver to simply drive his car forward instead of leaving it in the middle of the one-way road.

Just in case anyone is clueless as to what they’re arguing about, there happens to a White BMW in front that has parked slightly out of line, owing to its size.

Image: (Weixiang Schrödinger Lim)

The minimum parking lot dimension in Singapore is 4.8m length by 2.4 width, while the 7-seater White B.M.W X5 XDrive25D M in the picture is a little bigger, boasting a 4.92m length by 2m width.

However, cars with slightly bigger specifications are still able to park within the given parameters and not be an obstruction to the flow of traffic, because the aisle tends to be big enough anyway.

After studying the signs and shops in the video, it’s evident that the dispute is taking place on 58 Seng Poh Road, which made it easier to check how big the one-way aisle was.

Since the parking lots are angled at 45 °, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) states that the aisles need to be 4.2m wide at least.


A Rolls-Royce Phantom V12 EWB is 3.77 by 2.018m, which means that there should be more than enough space in the aisle for the Rolls-Royce to drive down.

Image: (Weixiang Schrödinger Lim)

The Argument

At the start of the video, we cut straight to, presumably Lim, talking to the Rolls-Royce driver, “Come on, please move your car, look there’s so many people waiting for you, there’s more than enough space, are you an idiot?”

The video perspective is first focused on the White Rolls-Royce that’s right smack in the middle of the road before it shifts over the white BMW that’s supposedly the “problem”.

While it’s true that Lim is making a good point that the Rolls-Royce is perfectly capable of driving past the BMW with its smaller size and wide aisle, being polite and having a bit of tact will go a long way in trying to persuade someone.

The Rolls-Royce driver is carefully unhappy with the word he uses because he turns around and starts arguing with Lim, asking why does he have to be so kaypoh (busybody in Hokkien).

Lim reiterates that “there’s more than enough space” as he walks on the road, which gives the audience a clearer picture of how much manoeuvring space the Rolls-Royce has.

Even if the Rolls-Royce has to shift a little to the left to drive past, it shouldn’t even be an issue at all.

Image: (Weixiang Schrödinger Lim)

“Are you sure a not?” The Rolls-Royce driver shouts back fiercely, “If kena (if the cars collide), you pay! You wanna kaypoh right, if kena, you pay!”

He then jabs an accusatory finger at Lim.

Image: (Weixiang Schrödinger Lim)

Undaunted by the threats of having to give monetary compensation because Lim knows he’s in the right, Lim tells the man to “just move” his car forward and quit blocking the road. 


A blonde foreigner, noticing that an argument has broken out because the Rolls-Royce that was holding up the entire lane, tries to defuse the situation.

“Sir, sir, why don’t you just try to get a little closer and see—”

Except her niceties are interrupted, as the foul-mouthed Rolls-Royce driver cuts in, “I don’t want, I want this selfish bastard (referring to BMW owner) to come here.”

Then, he turns his anger on the foreigner, “Is it your car?”

“It’s not mine,” she replies while shaking her head.

The Rolls-Royce driver repeats, “I want the selfish bastard here,” making it clear that he won’t move his vehicle until the BMW fixes his manner of parking.


Lim tries to persuade the man again, “Bro, you’re being more selfish, you’re holding up 20 people.”

“Why I selfish, because of this car?”

“There’s more than enough space, come on!” Lim groans.

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Netizens’ Response

By now, it’s quite clear who’s being the more unreasonable person at the scene among the Rolls-Royce driver, BMW driver, Lim, and the foreigner.

And if you’re trying to be a smart-aleck, your first three choices don’t count.


Naturally, the netizens know who’s at fault here.

Some of the commenters joke that the foul-mouthed man is just the “chauffeur” or “driver”, which is why he’s so afraid of getting the luxury car scratched because he’ll get scolded by his boss, while some question how he even got his driving licence in the first place.

Another commenter criticised the Rolls-Royce driver’s behaviour rather eloquently: “And folks, this is why the term ‘Ugly Singaporeans’ exists. I don’t know which universe this guy came from but where I come from I was taught basic courtesy and to not be hot-headed. Clearly this guy’s parents forgot to teach him that manners make a man.

“Good grief, some people should just look at how they conduct themselves. Even a kid can behave better than this grown ass embarrassment.”

An occasional commenter from another country pops in once in a while, mirthfully saying that they should try that in their country and see what happens, probably implying that their fellow countrymen would either wreck his car or pick an actual fight with him.

Nevertheless, it seems like there are some people that just can’t be reasoned with.

And since he gave the “advice” of “putting it on a website”, he definitely got his wish, because now the world gets to see what a self-centred human being he is.

Or maybe it’s just because his depth and distance perception is lacking?


As for how the story ends after the 57-second video, no one knows, but I do hope that the Rolls-Royce driver saw beyond his own anger and self-entitlement to actually drive away and stop blocking the road.

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