Romantic Shooting Star Date Turns Awry After They Accidentally Set Fire To The Woods

When all you ask for is a romantic date under the stars with bae but you end up being detained for 15 days for accidentally setting fire to the woods.

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It might sound like something straight out of a movie but this was what happened to a couple in southern China.

Came To The Mountain To Watch Shooting Stars 

The pair had started off their date on a positive note. Wanting to make their date extra memorable, they went to the Queya mountain in the northern part of Guangdong to watch shooting stars in hopes that they could take photographs of the setting.

How romantic.

Little did they know that fate had twisted up their definition of a “memorable” date.

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When setting off fireworks in the woods, they accidentally ended up starting a blaze on the mountain.

More Than 200 Firefighters Dispatched To Extinguish Fire 

The fire took two hours for firefighters to put out, according to news portal Kanka News.

More than 200 firefighters fought the fire that burned trees and grasses in an area of 7,000 sq metres.

The couple was subsequently detained for 15 days after they were found by the police at the scene.

Couple Faced Backlash From Netizens

Not only did the couple set the mountain on fire but they started a blaze on the Chinese Internet too, with 110 million people clicking on stories about the fire on Weibo.

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One user commented that they should pay for the cost of the fire, “including the human resources involved and natural resources lost in the fire”.

Another asked if they had read the news because the risk of forest fires is addressed every day with the warm and dry weather in Guangdong.

Forest Fires In Guangdong Province 

Turns out the user that made the last comment might have a point.

Earlier this month, 10 people were detained after a forest fire broke out in a mountain area in Foshan City on 5 December.

The fire was put out on 9 December after more than 3,100 firefighters, 133 firefighting trucks, three aircraft, and six drones were dispatched to battle the fire.

Perhaps, it was a moment of folly for the couple but it’s definitely a date memorable enough for them to remember for years to come.


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