Boy Expertly Flips Roti Canai in Restaurant Until He Accidentally Throws It Onto Toddler’s Head


In a roti canai restaurant, you would probably expect the mouth-watering scent of roti canai and other good food to blanket the air.

However, one restaurant in Perak, Malaysia, does more than that. It quite literally blankets you in roti canai.

Boy Flips Roti Canai Like An Expert Until He Accidentally Throws It Onto Toddler’s Head

On 7 May, a video emerged on TikTok showing a Malaysian boy named Adli Nur Iman Bin Ahmad flipping roti canai like an expert.

@abgmadroticanai Kan dah kena..di tiup angin,balingan tidak menentu hala tuju..berdebar hati adik terbang bila buat show roti canai terbang di pukul angin boleh tersasar arah.. #Bolehtaqatu #ADIKTERBANG #fypシ゚viral ♬ bunyi asal – Adik terbang

However, like any other viral video, there’s a humorous twist: the boy misses one of his flips and accidentally throws the roti canai on a toddler’s head.

Well, at least the roti canai didn’t end up on the floor.

In the 50-second clip, Adli is seen flaunting his roti canai flipping skills to a table of customers at the Warung Abg Mad Roti Canai restaurant.


He even throws the roti canai from one spot before moving to catch it from another spot.

Image: TikTok (@abgmadroticanai)

Adli seems pretty good at flipping things. Potential career as a PAP minister? (we’re kidding)

However, as the boy returns to his original spot to throw the dough into the air again, he misses, and the dough comes spinning down onto a toddler’s head.

He was so focused on the descending piece of dough that he almost crashed into the toddler while running to catch the dough.

Image: TikTok (@abgmadroticanai)

Upon realising what had just happened, the boy’s expression visibly changed—you could say he was “stunned like vegetable”.

The table of guests burst out in laughter, and the toddler started crying.

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Adli swiftly removed the roti canai from the toddler’s head, rolled the dough into a ball, and offered it to the toddler to comfort the poor child.

Image: TikTok (@abgmadroticanai)

It’s okay, Adli; practice makes perfect.

Not M’sian Boy’s First Time Flipping Roti Canai Onto Restaurant’s Customers

Adli has been featured on the restaurant’s TikTok account flaunting his roti canai flipping performances since January 2022. This means he has been flipping roti canai for over a year.

Of course, this isn’t the first time the boy has accidentally missed a catch and landed dough on the restaurant’s customers.

In December last year, the restaurant’s TikTok posted a clip showing another of Adli’s small blunders.

@abgmadroticanai Minta maaf andai adik terbang tersilap lorong utk mendarat.. #ADIKTERBANG #fypシ゚viral ♬ bunyi asal – Adik terbang

In the 15-second clip, Adli was similarly seen expertly flipping the dough at the start, only to have one of his throws end up on an unsuspecting customer’s back.

Image: TikTok (@abgmadroticanai)

The customer remained still as a slightly paiseh Adli quickly removed the dough from the customer’s back.


However, that doesn’t mean that the boy isn’t good at his craft—he slips up occasionally, that’s all.

In another TikTok, we even see Adli flipping two pieces of roti canai at once—not an easy feat.

Image: TikTok (@abgmadroticanai)

If you’re ever in Perak, why not check out the roti canai restaurant and visit the talented Adli?

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