Ryan Tan Apologises for New Leaked Screenshots Showing Him Wanting to Sue His Talents

It must be rather nerve-racking to work in NOC now, with leaked screenshots being released as often as new COVID-19 measures being announced.

Now, it’s the other co-founder’s turn to have his conversation being leaked, although it’s interestingly a conversation between the two co-founders.

Ryan Tan Apologises for New Leaked Screenshots Showing Him Wanting to Sue His Talents

A few hours ago, Facebook Page Wake Up, Singapore received two leaked screenshots.

According to the whistleblower, he or she is someone close to Ryan and Sylvia, and hopes that there would be fair coverage of the NOC saga.

It was also alleged that Ryan “has been very active in NOC management over the years and he is still director today,” and that it’s not fair for him to “pretend he has nothing to do with the state of affairs at NOC.”

In the screenshots, it’s an alleged conversation between Ryan and Sylvia (long-time NOC fans would know the nicknames they give to each other), in which Ryan appeared pissed off at two talents: Aylna and Michelle.

He claimed he wanted to “kill” them, and also said something about suing them.

Because there are only two screenshots without much context, it’s not clear what happened.

Ryan responded in an Instagram post shortly after the post was up.


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Because you probably aren’t an ant, here is what he’s written:

Hi everyone, I would like to address the screenshots that were sent to @wakeupsingapore.

I sent those messages to Sylvia between 4 to 6 years ago when I had been led to believe that a few of the talents were planning to leave NOC and set up a competing channel. I was angry and frustrated. We had put in a lot of effort into building NOC and I felt betrayed.

But I realised that I was wrong and that I had misunderstood the talents.

I am sorry.

I have apologised to Michelle and Aylna and I would like to make clear that I was wrong to have sent those messages. They are both amazing and kind people and I feel ashamed that I ever said those things about them.

I am also sorry to all those I may have disappointed. I am not a perfect person and have never claimed to be. I just hope to be a better person than I was before and am still working on that.

I do not know who else would have these messages or their intentions in leaking them. But this appears to have been deliberately carried out to influence the ongoing legal dispute between Sylvia and me.

I should make clear that up till last week, I have not been involved with the day-to-day operations of NOC from earlier this year. I had tried to resign as director, but was disallowed from doing so by the majority shareholder of the company.

Given the circumstances, I have little choice but to resume my role as the sole director of NOC. I have taken steps to look into allegations of workplace harassment and bullying and the information that is gathered will be sent to the relevant authorities. I have also appointed an accounting company to review and straighten the financial accounts so as to determine if any wrongdoing has taken place.

It is time for accountability & I hope to see it through as long as I remain in a position to do so.

To know more about the saga so far, read this latest update whereby Sylvia has responded to the latest allegations, claiming that it was an effort to discredit her.

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