Ryan & Sylvia from NOC Have Divorced Since March Partly Due to The Business They Jointly Own

Just like you, I checked the calendar to ensure that it’s indeed 31 May 2020 today and not 1 April 2020.

It isn’t, and so, it’s real: Ryan and Sylvia, the couple behind the successful YouTube channel Ryan Sylvia, or more commonly known as NOC (Night Owl Cinematics), have just uploaded a 44-minute video to announce their divorce.

So, what happened?

Business Partners Cannot be Bed Partners

The video comprises just the two of them sitting on a couch, telling us what actually happened.

And it’s a calm, interesting and rather informative talk.

So, what caused their divorce?

Both of them believe that it was due to NOC, the business they both set up.

According to Sylvia, it was “probably the fact that our personal lives and our professional lives are so intertwined together…there is, in a sense, a lack of space to grow different part of your life.”

In the business, Sylvia is usually the person who handled the business side of the company while Ryan took care of the technical side, like filming and editing.

Unlike other couples that would have space to reflect and think things through after every argument, they said that they couldn’t do it since they’re working and living together.

An example Sylvia cited was an incident when they were heading to a shoot while having an argument, and Sylvia told Ryan, “I’m sorry, can you just put this argument on hold because I really need to memorise this script.”

And their arguments were never resolved.

In Sylvia’s words, “We kind of put our emotions on hold many times because of this.”

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While other married couples can complain about their colleagues at home, they can’t do that because they’re business partners, so Sylvia can’t complain about her business partner to her husband because her husband is her business partner.

They had divorced peacefully, and according to Ryan, they were apparently holding hands when they headed to the lawyer’s office.

Now, if you’re not familiar with arguably one of the biggest YouTube channels in Singapore, you might be wondering: what’s the deal?

Ryan Sylvia = NOC = 1 Business

Fans of the channel would know that the channel isn’t just a two-man show, but a business altogether.

It has its own employees, and Ryan and Sylvia are merely the bosses of the company.

But imagine that your bosses are a married couple: what would happen to the company?

The separated couple has promised that there would be no changes to NOC—it’ll still continue operations (I mean, if it can lah, given that COVID-19 is out there) and upload videos as usual.

The couple had known each other since 16, and got married 5 years later after dating for just 8 months.