Ryan Tan Said 95% of Friends Stopped Talking to Him After NOC Saga

As of now, everyone seemed to have moved on from the NOC saga.

Ryan Tan now is now running a new YouTube channel that’s expanding as fast as my belly, Sylvia Chan has taken a new role in Gushcloud and NOC is officially offline.

But it turned out that behind the smiles, it hasn’t been easy for them.

On 19 March 2023, a new channel, R U OKAY!? 你OK吗, which is jointly created by GRVTY Media (creator of the popular podcast, The Daily Ketchup), OverKill (Ryan’s company) and DoubleUp (by 马一朵), dropped its first episode, and it’s revealed people haven’t been kind to Ryan after the NOC saga.

Here’s a summary of the 34-minute Chinese podcast, with the focus on Ryan because let’s face it: you’re not here to know about John’s take on being a boss, or Charlene’s age, are you?

What Happened After NOC Saga

The topic for the first episode was this question posted to the four hosts: Is your life a failure, an what is considered a failure?

Ryan claimed that his life is a failure, and said that he no longer have many friends; he now celebrates major festivals like New Year or Christmas alone.

In addition, his finances haven’t been ideal as he has spent a bulk of his money on lawyers’ fees. As for his health, because he’s been working a lot, he has neglected his health.

He said that he has been taken for granted, and gave an example: once, he gave $15,000 to a friend whom he’s known for eight years, as the friend was in a dire situation. This was despite the fact that he was “poor”.

When the friend asked for more money and Ryan couldn’t fork out more, the friend allegedly blocked Ryan.

He then added that ever since the NOC saga, 95% of his friends no longer talked to him; the remaining ones are now in his new company. He said that it was because his reputation is no longer “as good”.

Everyone was understandably shocked upon hearing that.

He then made another shocking revelation: friends in the same industry were completely “gone; vanished without a trace”.

Doing New Channel to Pay Back Employees Who Stick With Him

Being such a “failure”, why did he continue?

He said that during his time in NOC, these employees had stuck with him, and he wanted to “repay” them back by ensuring that they now have a job.

While reading these sound very negative, the video managed to package it in an entertaining style, which isn’t surprising given that it’s created by veteran YouTubers.

The hosts also provided plenty of food for thought, and insights from employers’ point of view. If you’ve 34 minutes, you can watch it here: