Sad AF: Real Cats in Claw Machine


Last Updated on 2017-05-13 , 1:40 pm

No, I know what you’re thinking. This incident did not happen in Yishun but in China. But regardless of where this happened, it is just plain wrong and these inhumane souls should be prosecuted.

A recent video of a guy playing a claw machine caught the attention of many, and while there was nothing wrong with him playing with the claw machine, it was the prize that he was gunning for that caught our attention.

Yup, live cats.

The video shows three cats – one black, one white with black dots and one black and white trapped in a claw machine.

In the video, the machine’s claws are seen inching towards the white cat. And even though the claw hit the neck of the white cat, it failed to pick the cat up. The cat escaped in fear, alerting the black cat behind him.

In the video, the man could be heard saying “The cat is too fat.”


And if you thought that everyone on the Internet would be cussing and swearing at the man for the inhumane behaviour, you’ll be surprised that this even piqued the interest of some who wanted to try out the game because the cats’ shock faces were “cute”.

What in the world?

I’m not sure about you, but this is outright animal abuse and it ought to be stopped. It’s already cruel enough that people in their country are devouring animals that shouldn’t be eaten, let alone put these animals in claw machines for their sick pleasures.  

Adding such videos online are just glorifying the inhumane actions of these imbeciles. 

These people ought to be put in a claw machine and played with. Then, we’ll see if they are too “fat” to be picked up. 

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Featured Image: YouTube (Tiago Sousa)

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