China DotS Might Star Takeshi & Zhang Ziyi. You Won’t Like the Plot


Ah, Descendants of the Sun. Even when Goblin has taken over the world early this year, some people are still obsessed with Big Boss and Dr Kang, so here’s the latest update: it will be directed by Zhang Yibai, a highly acclaimed Chinese director who, let’s face it, you and I haven’t heard of.

But you’ll most likely know the cast.

Zhang Ziyi, the ever-young 38-year-old actress who has gained popularity both in Asia and Hollywood, is being considered for the role of Dr Kang. I don’t know about you, but there seems to be some similarity there: both are above 30 yet look 20, and both have fans all over the world.

Not to mention both look slightly alike. Or perhaps, very alike. Just look at them.

Image: Pinterest

An ang mo who seldom encounter Asians might just think that they’re the same person.

The role of Big Boss is being allegedly offered to Takeshi Kaneshiro (金城武). If you’ve forgotten the name, you won’t forget his looks.


The 43-year-old imaginary-boyfriend-of-all-90s-teenage-girls hasn’t been very active in recent years, with him being in only four films since 2011. In the past, you’d have remembered seeing him in almost every movie and dramas.

For the record, he has a Taiwanese mother and a Japanese father. And no—he’s not a Hong Kong citizen; he’s a Japan citizen (thank you, Internet…we won’t have known this in the 90s, eh?).

So, here’s how it will look like. Perfect Photoshop, isn’t it?

The plot is going to be completely different: it won’t be about soldiers and doctors in a peacekeeping mission, but merely a soldier who has outstanding academic and physical abilities and a doctor who…well, is a doctor.

According to reports, it’s an entirely new film (which makes me wonder why they’ve purchased the rights in the first place).

No release date has been confirmed, so let’s just hope that it’ll be out fast—if not we might be consumed by yet another Goblin and forget about Big Boss altogether.

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