‘Saddest Dog’ That Has Been Confined in a Cage for 10 Years Looking for Adopter


Aside from not having enough money to even buy a curry puff, the other saddest thing in life is to see animals being confined in their cages and not allowed out.

Such is the case of a dog which was confined within its cage for 10 years. What’s even more gut-wrenching is that it doesn’t have a name.

For 10 years, the nameless dog hasn’t seen how the outside world looks like.

As home was only the four walls in its cage with limited walking space, the dog’s legs muscles were under-developed too.

Here’s how the homeless dog look like:

Image: Facebook (Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore)
Image: Facebook (Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore)

You can almost see the sadness in its eyes.

Afraid of the Outside World When Being Let Out

The nameless dog’s plight was shared on Facebook by animal welfare group Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore.

When the dog was taken out of its home for the first time in 10 years, it shivered and hid behind the rescuers’ legs.

Having not known how an elevator glass door looks like, it accidentally banged itself against it.

Once it was out in the open, the dog slowly got used to its surroundings and was overjoyed. It started wagging its tail in excitement.

Netizens were equally sympathetic about the dog’s plight upon hearing its story. Many of them prayed that the dog is able to find a good home soon:

Image: Facebook (Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore)

The animal welfare group is currently appealing for someone to help give this dog a new home. For those who are keen to care for the dog, do drop a private message to the Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore.

Similar Incident

A similar incident occurred just a few months back in August 2020. A dog by the name of Augustine was caged up for eight years before being rescued.

Augustine was living in a cage at a work site for the past eight years. Aside from being let out to a certain spot to pee and poo, the dog was mostly confined to its cage. The home was without toys and a bed for Augustine.

Despite all these, the dog possessed a friendly and cheerful personality. Not afraid of strangers, Augustine wagged its tail when it was being rescued and came into contact with other dogs and its rescuers.

Featured Image: Facebook (Chained Dog Awareness in Singapore)