SAF Cookhouse Cutting Calories for Non-combatants…With Less Rice and Less Meat.

If you’re a camp-posted NSF, you’ve probably seen some changes in the cookhouse selections.

No more soft drinks and fatty food. No more added MSG as well. It’s all water, brown rice and everything healthy.

Now, it’s common sense: healthy food sucks.

Alright, correction: healthy cookhouse food sucks. Don’t believe me? Just check out these soldiers’ expressions.

Image: LianHe Zaobao

On point.

Now, as a Chong Pang Camp alumni, I’ve seen it all. The cookhouse food used to be great, and I actually looked forward to it.


Luckily, I’ve successfully managed to escape from their evil scheme: making every individual as fit as your average Bufflord87.

And that’s the use of the golden ticket called the O.R.D. However, do take note that you can only claim the ticket after 2 years of suffering- I mean service.

Some, however, might not be as fortunate, and to them, I sincerely wish all the best. Rest in peace guys.

On an unrelated note, your cookhouse meal might be compromised even further. This is especially so for non-combatants.


Well, the meal’s portion might face a little adjusting.

Two cookhouses have been testing out a lower calorie intake for National Servicemen in non-combat roles since June, as part of efforts by the Singapore Armed Forces to dish out healthier food.

Yes, I’m talking about you clerks, store and other various lepak positions.

So how would the portion be adjusted?

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The meal will be cut by about 1/4 of its original calories: it will amount up to 750 to 800, instead of the old 1,000 calories.

This is a bid to help reduce the risk of obesity and chronic diseases.

Selected servicemen will receive less rice and one less serving of meat.

Chief supply officer Colonel Terry Tan has this to say:

“The SAF feeds our soldiers well so that they are energised to meet a wide spectrum of operations and training requirements.”

“While we recognise that healthy eating is a personal choice, the SAF strives to inculcate in our soldiers lifelong healthy eating habits. These habits will improve their health and consequently benefit the nation.”

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Right, you want to incorporate lifelong healthy eating habits in the soldiers.

That, kind sir, doesn’t constitute as a personal choice.


You’re drilling it into them without their permission.

Like the push-ups.


So folks, as always, just suck thumb.

If you’re unable to suck it, like literally, you can choose to por the cookhouse uncle or auntie and ask for additional servings.

You’re unsure how to por?


Well, just tell the uncle that his hair is stylo milo (never mind the fact that he’s bald), and the auntie that she’s looking pretty (even though her makeup looks like a Halloween get-up).

Alternatively, you can head up to the canteen or mess to indulge in your cheat meals. And don’t worry; those places will never encourage healthy eating.

Because the high-rankers need to eat also mah.

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Featured image: Lianhe Zaobao

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