BMT Recruits Continue to Stay Home Until 1 June; IPPT & RT Requirements Waived For Certain NSmen


When PM Lee announced that he would be giving a speech at 5pm yesterday, most people were hoping that the Circuit Breaker won’t be extended because cabin fever is a real thing.

But there’s a group of botak people who prayed otherwise.

They’re hoping that the Circuit Breaker would be extended so that they can serve their NS right at home.

Yes, we’re talking about BMT recruits.

Recruit Jelly: How can you make such a sweeping statement? I for one have been looking forward to—

Yes, Jelly, we all know you want to go to OCS.

BMT Recruits Continue to Stay Home Until 1 June

Last month, when the Circuit Breaker was announced, recruits who had then just enlisted were sent home to do “home-based instructional material on basic skills and fitness development.”

And the best part of this arrangement?

That would be counted as their NS period.

Now that the Circuit Breaker is extended to a totality of two months, these recruits can ould now brag that they’ve spent half their extended BMT period at home.

And for people who’re enlisting in May?

Well, you folks have a “good deal”, too.

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Enlistees in May 2020 Would Be “Administratively Enlisted”

Now, what is “administratively enlisted”?

Here’s what Mindef says: “It means that you are considered to be enlisted into full-time National Service based on your original enlistment date, but you will not report for basic training that day. This is in response to the current COVID-19 situation where MINDEF/SAF and MHA/SPF/SCDF have suspended basic training till 1 Jun 2020. There will be no change to your ORD.”

In other words, free NS period for you without having to cut your hair.

Pretty sure those folks would join in to pray that Circuit Breaker would last for two years.


NSman A: So, Bro, what unit were you in during NS and what did you do?

NSMan B: Oh, Woodlands Ave 8. I watched all Netflix dramas. Xiong seh

I’m totally not jelly.

Here’s Mindef’s announcement on Facebook:


No ICT During Circuit Breaker Period; IPPT & RT Requirements Waived if You’re Affected

As expected, all ICTs that don’t perform critical functions during the extended Circuit Breaker period would be cancelled. It’s unknown if that would be considered as one cycle—after all, if BMT can clear months of NS at home, why can’t NSmen do that as well?

NSMan C: Because we want to go for our paid chalet so please don’t consider it a cycle. I miss Ahmad.

Right, I totally forgot that ICT is a goody time to catch up with old friends and forget about work altogether.

In addition, according to an SMS I received from Ah Gong, all IPPTs, RTs and IPTs will also be cancelled until 1 June 2020.

If your window falls within this period, you’d get a one-time wavier of your annual IPPT / RT requirement. A letter will be sent to you within three weeks.

If these ICTs or IPPTs confuse you, you might want to watch this video that we’ve done, whereby we simplify all obligations an NSman has to fulfil:


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