New Rules Mean You Could Be Jailed for Not Keeping a 1-m Safe Distance While Sitting or Queueing


27 Mar 2020 is the day when Singaporeans see their lives changed drastically.

No more partying.

No more class gatherings.

And now, no more sitting less than 1-metre within another person in a public space.

StubbornAss89: So what if I sit less than 1-metre with my friend? What can they do to me?

Well, they could jail you.

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You Can Be Jailed For Breaching Social Distancing Measures

A few weeks ago, the National Environment Agency (NEA) started to duct tape seats in some hawker centres. This is to indicate that nobody is allowed to sit on those seats when eating out.

NEA Uses Tapes On Seats For Social Distancing But Confused Customers Thought Seats Were Spoilt

Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that well. People continued sitting on them, despite some of them thinking that the seats are spoilt.

Well, they can’t do that anymore.

From 27 Mar 2020 onwards, anybody who is caught intentionally doing the following:

  • Sitting down less than 1-metre away from another person
  • Sitting on a fixed seat that is marked not to be seated
  • Standing less than 1-metre away from another person in a queue

Will be charged under the newly-updated Infectious Diseases Act.

They can be fined $10,000, jailed up to six months, or both.

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Using The Law To Support Social Distancing Measures

Now, before you think, this is unfair! Where’re my human rights?! 

Let me remind you of two things:

One, in the face of Covid-19, rights are secondary to lives as China has shown the world.


And two, this has happened before.

PMD Ban: Around 3,450 Warnings Given To Errant PMD Users On Footpaths

And the reason for the ban? Because Singaporeans don’t listen when the authorities say nicely, so they were forced to be forceful (pun intended).

According to Straits Times, the latest regulations kicked into place to give “legal force” to safe distancing measures implemented by the task force fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic in Singapore.

They’re Taking Things Really Seriously

If you forget what the new measures are, here’s a reminder:


Everything About S’pore’s New Measures That’ll Close Many Places From 26 Mar, 11:59pm

And trust me, Singaporeans’ favourite trick of “I don’t know” might not work here.

I mean, just look at MOM raiding offices

Actions Taken Against 21 Workplaces in S’pore That Didn’t Enforce Social Distancing

Possible disciplinary actions against PAP Community Foundation’s pre-schools

Everything About the Sudden PCF Centres Closure That Might Include Disciplinary Actions


The possible charge against this dude who tries to be funny and breach his SHN on Facebook:

Man Who Had Bak Kut Teh While on SHN Issued with a Warning; Hid or Removed All Posts About Trip

And how 5-day MCs became 5-day SHN:

MOH: People Who Go Out During 5-Day MC Might be Jailed or Fined Up to $10K

They’re as serious about this as a black dog from Harry Potter.


So don’t play play hor, as PCK would say. If not, while others stay in the comfort of their homes, you might just be quarantined at Changi. #JustSaying

After all, as many countries have shown, if even one person didn’t do his part, we’re going to be seeing Covid-19 around for quite some time.

StubbornAss89: But…I need my friend-time!

You don’t have friends, though…

StubbornAss89: That’s true.