List of Safe Management Measures Schools Are Doing As They Reopen from 2 June


As Singapore eases the circuit breaker measures gradually, schools will be reopening from 2 June 2020, with graduating students attending lessons daily while other students will alternate between home-based learning and face-to-face lessons in school.

While some are glad that school has reopened and that circuit breaker measures are easing up, others are worried that this may increase the risk of infection.

MOE has therefore implemented various measures in an attempt to prevent an outbreak from happening, and even did a video to show how that can be done:

Here’s a concise list of “new norms” that everyone in school would have to get used to now.

Mask on, Shield on

On top of limiting the number of students from returning, students are also required to put on their face mask or face shield at all times, except when they are eating or attending Physical Education (PE) lessons.

Teachers are also to put on their masks at all times while teaching, except PE teachers who are involved in the activities. However, during this period, a safe distance of 2 metres will be observed.


As for normal lesson and recess time, a 1-metre distance will be observed and assembly will be held in class.

Wash your hands!

As Phua Chu Kang says “Wash your hands with soap and water, is better than using hand sanitiser”.

Both students and teachers are required to wash their hands frequently – when they enter the school premises, before and after eating, and whenever they can.

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They are also required to wipe down their areas, which includes their study table, canteen tables and the equipment they have used, such as equipment for PE lessons. While it sounds like a hassle, I do think it is a great way to ensure that the students are aware of their hygiene. And for the boys – a good taste of how BMT would be like for them in the near future.

Staggered Timing = Lesser Interaction

In an attempt to reduce the amount of interaction between students and teachers, schools are also required to stagger reporting and dismissal time, as well as the use of common areas and facilities.

So the 7:20am reporting time might finally be part of our history.

Both students and staffs are also required to have them temperature taken before entering the school premises and to declare in SafeEntry for easy contact tracing.

Cross-class activities and deployment have also been suspended during this period.

MOE has also included a list of FAQs here:

Image: Facebook (Ministry of Education, Singapore)
Image: Facebook (Ministry of Education, Singapore)
Image: Facebook (Ministry of Education, Singapore)
Image: Facebook (Ministry of Education, Singapore)

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