SAFRA membership at 50%: don’t wait liao, chiong arh!

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If you’re a guy and served in the SAF before, there’s no way you wouldn’t know of SAFRA. After all, your first introduction to the membership will be at the beginning of your 2-year NS liability. Even if you don’t sign up for anything, you’ll get a 1-year SAFRA membership free.

If the 1-year free membership isn’t enough to convince you to sign up for a SAFRA membership, this might just do the trick.

For SAF Day 2016, SAFRA has come up with awesome perks and exclusive deals for SAFRA members that are pretty sweet actually. From free burgers, yoghurts to 1-for-1 entry to the Singapore Zoo and Shaw Theatres, you’ll wish you were a member after hearing this.

In addition to all these sweet deals for their present members, they’re also giving a pretty sweet deal to non-members as well. SAFRA is giving you 50% off their principal amount for their 2-year and 5-year membership from 1 Jul-10 Aug 2016.


SAFRA prides themselves on providing a world of privileges for their members and it was created to thank and appreciate the efforts of SAF servicemen in Singapore.

Here’s what you can expect if you’re a SAFRA member:

SAFRA members exclusive @ Caltex
For all the drivers out there, one big expense you have every month will definitely be paying for petrol. You’ll be psyched to hear this then: SAFRA members get to enjoy 14% off petrol and 10% off diesel when you refuel at any Caltex stations. And to top it off, these discounts are on top of your credit card rebates. Hell, yes!

Exclusive partnership with Shaw Theatres
From now till 15 October 2016, SAFRA members enjoy awesome discounts at Shaw Theatres with tickets going for as low as $7.50. And  that’s not all, you get to win free movie tickets to the latest blockbusters as well.

2D movies
Mon – Thu (non-opening titles) $7.50 (U.P. $8.50), Mon – Thu (opening titles) $9 (U.P. $9.50), Fri – Sun, eve of PH, PH, all opening titles $10 (U.P. $12.50)

Combo Discount
Enjoy $1 off any Popcorn Combo Set: Regular Popcorn Combo Set, Large Popcorn Combo Set OR Family Popcorn Combo Set

10-15% off main course from 49 seats
A fan of fusion food and weird combinations of east-meet-west? If you are, you’d definitely have heard of 49 Food which prides themselves on serving such dishes. From now till 31 May 2017, you can enjoy 10% off for SAFRA members and 15% off for SAFRA Bitez members.

…and much, much more!
Do you know that SAFRA actually gives sponsorships to many education institutes like UniSIM, SIMGE, Kaplan and more? Also, check out their list of featured partners who actually give discounts to SAFRA members because there might be some partners which you ate at and paid the full price for without knowing there’s actually discounts available.

Check out SAFRA’s website for more details! Oh, and you’re welcome!

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