S’pore ‘Sakura’ Season Is Here Again Due To The Hot Weather Over The Past Weeks

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COVID-19 has infected travellers worldwide with a serious case of wanderlust. Those of us who are lucky enough to still be in good health miss our freedom, as travel restrictions are imposed with no end in sight.

But at the same time, the pandemic serves as a reminder for us to redefine our relationship with this place we call home.

It’s okay if you can’t fly to Japan for the cherry blossom this year. Look out the window at the greenery that we may have taken for granted before – our ‘sakura’ is in full bloom.

‘Sakura’ Season in S’pore

On Wednesday (2 Sept), National Development Minister Desmond Lee posted a series of luscious photos on his Facebook. Apparently, our garden city has decided to welcome the new month with sceneries that rival that of exotic travel destinations.

Image: Facebook (Desmond Lee)

The trumpet trees (Tabebuia rosea), or Pink Poui, along the Singapore River are laden with vibrant trumpet flowers. The perennial trees typically flower after a dry spell that spans from April to August.

Hurry if you want to catch a glimpse of their beauty. In several days, they would wilt to form a pink carpet that blankets the riverbank gloriously.

Another Cherry Blossom Doppelgänger – Pink Mempats

Fragrant flowers perch gently on the branches of pink mempats (Cratoxylum formosum) in Fort Canning Park. Their pastel blooms resemble cherry blossoms just as trumpet flowers do.

The tree is actually a living embodiment of an interesting historical trivia.

On 16th June 1963, then Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew planted a pink mempat to kickstart our transformation into the City of Nature.

Image: Facebook (Desmond Lee)

With a little depth of field, they definitely make some gram-worthy photos.

Autumnal Trees in Woodlands

On the other hand, the yellow flame (Peltophorum pterocarpum) in Woodlands are going through a second blooming season this year from now through November. They also flower between March and May, according to Nparks.

Image: Facebook (Desmond Lee)

The towering, umbrella-shaped trees look alight from afar. Crowned by upright flowers in bright yellow clusters, the sight energizes all who lay eyes upon them.

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These trees are tough against drought, which makes them resilient in our climate. As a result, they are a popular choice for roadside planting.

Nearby at Woodlands Ave 3, Derum trees (kayu arang) show off their flaming leaves, bringing to mind the final brilliance of foliage right before shedding begins in the autumn. In the wild, this native species could easily grow up to 30m in height.

Image: Facebook (Desmond Lee)

Enjoy Them While They Last

Thanks to the vision of the country’s founders and the gahmen’s relentless greening efforts, we get to enjoy these astounding streetscapes. Don’t forget to share your #SGBlooms moments while they last!

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After all, the next two weeks are predicted to be hot but wet. Meaning if the downpour’s strong enough, the only colourful flowers we’ll see is on the ground.