Sammi Told Reporters About Andy Hui’s Status After Scandal Broke Out

Relationships can get complicated.

But can you imagine putting your relationship on social media and making it known to everyone?

That puts a lot of pressure on a relationship. And when a scandal breaks out, everyone knows.

Hong Kong singer and actress, Sammi Cheng is well aware of that, since her relationship has been under the spotlight.

Sammi Cheng Is Back 

Sammi Cheng is finally back in Hong Kong after spending two weeks in Europe, a much-needed break for her, after her 13-night concert and her husband’s cheating scandal.

Andy Hui Caught on Sammi Cheng 

Here’s a recap of events that have happened in case you have been living under a rock.

Sammi’s husband of 27 years, Hongkong singer Andy Hui, 51 was caught making out with a 30-year-old actress, Jacqueline Wong in the back of a taxi.

Jacqueline Wong has been dating TVB actor, Kenneth Ma for 3 years. Ma has even told reporters that he plans to marry Wong.

The scandalous clip was reportedly sold by the taxi driver to the media for $258,000.

The pair kissed about 20 times during the 10-minute journey in the cab, according to Apple Daily.

And according to 8 Days, there are rumours that their affair has been going on for 2 years.

Andy Takes A Break

Andy apologised for his actions at a press conference on April 16.

He announced that he would be taking a break to find “the right version” of himself.

Needless to say, there were a lot of tears, snot and remorse coming from Andy.

What Sammi Has to Say 

According to The Straits Times, two days after the conference, Sammi has forgiven Andy, citing that they need to face up to each other’s flaws and not give up on themselves.

That was in April.

Reporters recently asked Sammi if her husband would be returning any time soon, she said to “Let him answer” by himself.

She added that she believes that he needs to reorganise and reflect on himself first before returning to work.

She said, “I personally am in no hurry to see him go back to work. Instead [he should] slowly work on himself, think about what he did. It’s more important that he reorganise himself, work can wait.”

“Everything has a process”, Sammi says.

My take on this? I believe that Andy is truly apologetic for his actions.

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My heart goes out to both of them.

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