Samsung Galaxy Fold To Start Selling In S’pore On 18 Sep; Costs More Than $3,000

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Are you the type to read a book on your smartphone or tablet on the MRT or bus ride to work?

Image: Hardwarezone

You perhaps feel more refined and educated than the peasants next to you scrolling memes on Facebook (like me).

If you like reading books, you’d understand that the feeling of holding a physical book and flipping its pages is unmatched by any smart gadget.

Well, Samsung is upping its game on that note.

Get it? Note? Samsung Note? Okay.

Galaxy Fold Coming To Singapore On 18 September

A foldable phone? Impossible.

Image: Reddit

While foldable smartphones seemed like a pipe dream at first only possible in superhero and sci-fi movies, Samsung has proved they’re at the technological forefront once more.

Image: Samsung

Samsung has stated that it aims to introduce a “first-of-its-kind user experience” that allows for creativity and multitasking at its fullest.

You now no longer have to choose between watching your Korean drama or playing Mobile Legends (if you’re seriously that good at multi-tasking).

Also, now you no longer have to worry if you’re the type to break your phone easily.

Image: Pinterest

But if this is you on a regular basis, you need to get yourself checked for possible superhuman strength.

The Avengers could always use extra help. Especially in the absence of Iron Man and Cap.


Too soon?

On top of its 7.3 inch immersive display, its versatile camera and functionalities will prove itself to be a gadget out of this galaxy.

Now, if you’re confused and say, “Eh, I thought this one is out months ago,” read on.

Originally Scheduled to be Launched in April

Earlier this year, when the phone or tablet or whatever you want to call it was announced, everyone went apeshit.

The device was scheduled to be launched on 26 April 2019, but review units sent to tech sites revealed multiple problems, in particular, a pronounced bulge on the fold of the screen.

Samsung then cancelled the launch, and over in the US, telcos had to refund all pre-orders and some even gave freebies as a form of apology.


Back then, Samsung didn’t provide a new date for the launch, and some of us thought that this would be put on the back burner, probably for years.

But on 24 July 2019, Samsung announced a September release, promising improvements and now, it’s September, so yahoooo.

It’ll Cost Around SGD $3,088

Wait, what?

Nope, I didn’t add an extra digit by mistake.

It costs more than $3,000.


With that money, you could buy two laptops with money leftover.

Or even better, you could eat roughly 1,000 plates of chicken rice.

Image: Samsung

But maybe, just maybe, the price is worth it for such a pioneering invention?

Okay, but this phone is legit chio sia.


It Comes In Two Different Colours

Very cleverly named, the two colours are Cosmos Black and Space Silver.

Image: Samsung

Image: Samsung

I personally like the black more la, because it reflects the colour of my soul.

Image: Samsung


Image: Samsung

Maybe if we tempt you enough with these pristine images, you’ll feel like splurging on it, yeah?

Image: Samsung

Image: Samsung

Galaxy Fold Premier Service

To justify its pricing, Samsung has thrown in quite a few benefits.

  • 24-hour Concierge Support via Samsung Members app
  • Door-to-Door pick-up and delivery service for device repair (up to two times only)
  • One-time screen replacement or repair upon payment of a deductible of $200

On top of these, extra benefits include 30-day 1-for-1 exchange for functional defects, data transfer assistance, diagnostic checks, onetime 1-to-1 in-box accessories exchange, and dedicated and priority queue at authorised Samsung Customer Service Centres at VivoCity and Westgate.

This Galaxy Fold Premier Service will last for 12 months.

Okay la, not bad hor?

The devices will be available at Singtel, M1, and StarHub outlets, as well as the Samsung Experience Store at VivoCity.

Are you gonna buy it?

More importantly, am I going to buy it?



If I strike TOTO in between now and 18 Sept.

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