Stranger Suddenly Went on a Rampage in Jewel Changi Airport Shop & Even Attacked Staff Member


Sauce Legend is a shop in Jewel Changi Airport that makes and sells unique sauces you can’t find in supermarkets.

Other than being a retail outlet for people to buy sauces, they even have sauce discovery workshops.

Yesterday (27 August), for reasons unknown, a woman suddenly went on a rampage in the shop and then fled the premises.

Here’s what happened.

Stranger Suddenly Went on a Rampage in Jewel Changi Airport Shop & Even Attacked Staff Member

Yesterday, at about 2:20pm,  a woman stormed into Sauce Legend, knocking over tables, breaking products, and even assaulting the manager.

It left the shop’s manager, Jenny Lee, “shocked and terrified,” with injuries to her head and arms.

According to the manager, she was attending to some customers when the mysterious woman came in and went on a frenzy, overturning a table with products for tasting before damaging items in the store.

The manager tried to stop her, but was attacked instead.

The woman then dragged the manager out of the shop, pulled her hair and scratched her.

By then, the manager was crying and calling for help.

The woman then fled, and while the staff in Jewel tried to give chase, they lost her at Terminal 3.

They’ve since made a police report, and the police said that investigations are ongoing.

Sauce Legend had to close for the rest of the day, and announced their closure on Facebook.

The store has reopened today, and it looks like nothing has happened yesterday:

According to the manager, she has seen the woman in the shop at least twice before. The woman would usually say something incoherent in the shop and leave. Yesterday, however, was the first time she got violent.

She’s about 50s to 60s, and about 160cm.


The owner of the shop said that the total damages of the attack could be “in the thousands”.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Sauce Legend)