This App Has WiFi Passwords of Major Airports Around The World

Last Updated on 2023-03-13 , 2:41 pm

We all know the feeling of getting access to Free WIFI, only to find out that it requires a certain password for us to log in before we can even use the service.

The next half an hour is probably spent scouring the whole area to find the nearest information counter or mustering the courage to ask random people if they know the WiFi password.

By the time you get the answer, you won’t even need the password anymore because you are already about to board the plane.

You will never have to face that again thanks to this new app, WiFox. Trust us when we say that this app is going to save lives.

The app essentially tells you the passwords to airports all around the world. The passwords are compiled by Anil Polat who is behind the travel blog foXnoMad.

The map will tell you where exactly is the WiFi hotspot, the password, and also if there’s a time limit to using the WiFi.

This map is powered by Google and is always being constantly updated with liable information including password changes from travelers, pilots, and other sources.

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You will never face problems like getting the wrong password or having to live with outdated information.

Still, there’s a catch.

The app isn’t available for free but hey, for just less than $3, you get a lifetime enjoyment of using the app at the airport which can be extremely useful when you face flight delays.

And for those who are wondering “Huh, won’t so suay kenna flight delays one lah!”

Well, don’t say we bojio ah.

WiFox is available on both iOS and Android devices.