Sylvia Chan Appears to Be Making a Comeback With Gushcloud Under Savour365


It’s been almost a year since the NOC Saga, and while court hearings have begun and Ryan appears to be everywhere now, Sylvia Chan has been quiet on social media.

But in recent days, there’s been an update. Kind of.

Savour365, the Rumoured Child of NOC

If you’ve been on TikTok, you’d probably know about Savour365.

It’s been said that Food King’s social media accounts have now been rebranded to Savour365.

That brand doesn’t look familiar, but a Google search would indicate that it’s not exactly an old brand: in the past, Savour365 was tagged in some NOC posts, although the real reason is unknown.

Image: Facebook

Savour365 is a content website that appears to have a similar vibe as Rice Media.

Back then, there was a mention in their social media platforms that they’d be launched on 10 October, but 10 October turned out to be just another day.

The Disappearing Mouth

At this moment, the website is run by…erm, a tabby cat, and many other animals.


Currently, this is the team:


But according to a tip-off by a Goody Feed reader, this used to be the image:




Sylvia Chan’s Comeback

Sylvia has previously made her Instagram private, but recently, it’s now public.

She’s been active with a new hair colour, but in her latest Instagram Stories, it’s revealed that she’s made a comeback.

Image: Instagram (@sylsyl.chan)

She didn’t reveal what comeback it was, but in her Instagram Stories, she said that she was planning Gushcloud’s upcoming brand launch for Savour365.

Image: Instagram (@sylsyl.chan)

Lest you’ve forgotten, Gushcloud is an influencer marketing agency, and you might know about them after Xiaxue’s big exposé about them.


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What Really is Savour365?

According to public records, Savour365 Pte. Ltd. was just incorporated on 23 September 2022—which is less than a month ago.

That was also when their articles were published.

It has a paid-up capital of $1, and interestingly, its registered office address is similar to Gushcloud office address.

Its shareholder and sole director is a Singaporean called Wong Susan.

In its website, it claims to provide “a buffet of stories that celebrate community, experiences, and wellness from our diverse team of multi-hyphenates.”


Basically, very chim contents.

As of now, there are 14 published articles in the website.

Goody Feed has reached out to Sylvia and Gushcloud for comments.

For the latest update about NOC, watch this to the end:

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