Man Punched SBS Bus Captain Repeatedly For Asking Him To Wear Mask Properly

After almost half a year of being told to wear masks, there are still people out there who just can’t seem to get that it’s not a choice.

And believe it or not, even when people who refused to wear their masks properly were punished by the law:

There are still people who think that wearing a mask is optional.

Now, I’m not pulling this right out of my bottom, it’s based on actions we hear about on social media.

Like this dude who not only has trouble understanding the rules but seemingly has an anger management problem too.

Man Punched SBS Bus Captain Repeatedly For Asking Him To Wear Mask Properly

What would you do if you were to enter a bus, and the bus driver asks you to wear your mask properly?

  1. Be embarrassed, pull up your mask and apologise profusely
  2. Be cool, thank him for the reminder loudly so everyone knows you’re not embarrassed
  3. Do anything but beat the bus driver up.

Unfortunately, a man decided to do the opposite of option 3.

According to a Facebook post by SBS Transit, the man had boarded service 21 along Pasir Ris Drive 6 without wearing his mask at around 2.45pm on 15 Sep 2020.

When told by the bus captain to wear his mask, he put on the mask and started hurling vulgarities at the bus captain, non-stop, for two bus stops.

The bus subsequently stopped at the bus stop near Block 210 and waited for the police to arrive.

That’ Was When The Assault Started

When the bus was stationary, the man grabbed the bus captain’s neck and collar and held him tightly for more than a minute.

Ignoring the bus captain’s pleas to stop, he started raining punches on his head while the bus captain held up both arms in an effort to protect himself.

Three young men who were at the bus stop rushed onto the bus upon witnessing the attack and tackled him away from the bus captain.

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They dragged him out of the bus and kept him on the ground until the police finally arrived.

According to SBS Transit, the incident had lasted 12 minutes.

The man was later arrested by the police.

“This is repugnant. And this must stop.”

SBS Transit has enough of their bus captains being abused for doing their jobs.

Pointing out that this isn’t an isolated incident, they condemned incidents like these and said that they must stop happening.

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Thankfully, the bus captain, who had sought treatment at Changi General Hospital, sustained no serious injuries and is still in high spirits.

Currently, he’s still on his medical leave, which SBS Transit stated was supposed to last three days.


SBS Transit is also seeking out the three kind souls who intervened to stop the assault on their bus captain.

If you’re one of them, please accept Goody Feed’s undying love and contact them through their hotline at 1800-2872727 or via email at [email protected]

You can view SBS Transit’s full Facebook Post below:

You got to admit, though, punching someone for telling you to mask up is like slapping a McDonald’s staff for selling you a Yuzu Cheese Pie.


They’re both just doing their jobs.

You got to admit that bus drivers in Singapore are brave people.

After all, they’re still striving to keep other commuters safe and enforce the strict mask-up rules even with the danger to their lives.


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