Man Called the Police After His Zichar Dishes Were ‘Big’ Instead of ‘Small’

Me: I’m hungry

Friend: So what do you want to eat?

Me: I don’t know, maybe Hokkien Mee?

Also me: But I don’t know whether I should order the $3 or $4 one though…


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Now, before you think that big or small doesn’t matter, a police report was actually lodged for the size discrepancy of zichar dishes.

Man Called the Police After His Zichar Dishes Were ‘Big’ Instead of ‘Small’

A Facebook user named Guo was having dinner with his family last Saturday, 12 Sep 2020, when the incident occurred.

The whole family was dining at a zichar store called, ‘Lucky BBQ Seafood’ located at Pasir Panjang Food Center.

Image: Facebook (Guo En)
Image: Facebook (Guo En)

Guo ordered four plates of rice and four other dishes in small size. The bill was $69.

He was puzzled initially by the amount but didn’t ask much until the plate of cockles was served to the family.

It was of a bigger portion.

He then confronted the stallholder who explained what happened.

Stallholder Had Decided To Upsize For Them Without Asking

The stallholder explained that she gave the family a bigger portion of cockles as she was worried that they might not have enough to eat.

Guo felt that it was strange for the lady to take the matter into her own hands without consulting him first.

He claimed that the lady had a hostile attitude after being confronted, as she had slammed the refund of $21 on his table.

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Guo then decided to call the police and reiterated his encounter in a Facebook post.

Screenshots of the store’s several bad reviews were also shared in the post.

Image: Facebook (Guo En)

You can read his full Facebook post here.

Stallholder’s Response

A Facebook user, claiming to be the stallholder, decided to tell her side of the story on Guo’s Facebook post.

She stated that she had read out Guo’s order before he made payment.

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Image: Facebook

When Guo made a complaint about the first dish, the lady then proceeded to change the rest of the three dishes into small portions.

She mentioned that Guo wanted an apology from her as he didn’t buy her explanation and felt cheated.


As she was busy that day, she was hoping that Guo will return to his table after she has changed his orders back.

However, Guo called the police when the lady didn’t apologise to him.

After the police conducted an investigation, the authorities stated that the incident was a misunderstanding. The three remaining dishes were served and consumed.

Mixed reactions from netizens

The incident garnered mixed reactions from netizens. 366 comments were made as of press time since the post went viral.

Some took Guo’s side:

Image: Facebook (Guo En)

While others mentioned that the incident could be resolved in an amicable manner:

Image: Facebook (Guo En)

Note to self: Thou shall be more decisive when buying Hokkien Mee next time.

What do you think of this entire incident? An overreaction or something reasonable?

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