Scammer Posed as DSB Staff & When He Saw His Victim, He Called Her ‘Beautiful’ & Asked if She is Single

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Despite what nearly every Korean drama in existence seems to imply, love is not all happiness and fairy tale endings. Just look at all the heartbreaking love stories fantasists and dreamers have chosen to ignore, in their pursuit of the perfect relationship:

Romeo and Juliet.

Ash Ketchum and Misty from Pokemon.

Scammer Posed as DSB Staff & When He Saw His Victim, He Called Her ‘Beautiful’ & Asked if She is Single.

Yes folks; not every love story has a happy beginning and/or ending. Sometimes, it could start as innocently as a scam call. And other times…

It might end as horrifically as a full-face reveal and complete rejection on social media.

Scammer Posed as DSB Staff & When He Saw His Victim, He Called Her ‘Beautiful’ & Asked if She is Single

More often than not, phone scammers operate by a common modus operandi:

Pose as someone of authoritative status, cajole the victim into giving their particulars and proceed to “rob” with the given details.

A method done to death, but as numerous scam warnings around the country would imply, a method that’s really effective in nature as well.

And that’s certainly what happened in the following video, which was uploaded on Facebook Page Singapore Laughs yesterday evening (25 May).

Image: Facebook (Singapore Laughs)

But the only flaw in the proven modus operandi here?

The scammer’s victim was not an easy target to fool.

The clip starts off with the basic procedure: the scammer asks whether the victim wishes to activate or block the card. When prompted why, the scammer explains that there’s money laundering going around, and that he’s trying to stop it.

Going by routine procedure, the scammer will at some point inquire to see the victim’s ATM card, in order to fish the credit / debit card number and security code required for financial use.

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And the scammer certainly did try, though he was ‘cruelly’ halted by a reverse Uno card by the victim, who flipped the setting and initiated the interrogation instead.

“Now, do you have ATM card?” the scammer asks.

“Yes, how did you get my number?” the victim countered.

From there, it was a stage of soft blows as the victim laid waste to the scammer, who was evidently not prepared for questions of such rationality. It was particularly ironic when the scammer expressed an intention to end the call, as the victim was asking too many “personal questions”.

Nearing the end of the first call, the scammer said that he will call the victim back, which the latter counteracting by asking for his number and stating that she will call him back instead.

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It has to be noted that throughout the entirety of the call, the scammer could be heard getting more and more frustrated. No surprise, considering how the victim was trying to explore every nook and cranny of the whole equation here.

Phase Two (Safe…Transitioning?)

The first call might have formed the entire scam set-up, but phase two is where love begins to bubble.


Again, it starts off with a call, though this time, it’s a video call instead of a mere phone call.

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The scammer had initiated the call, and the ‘victim’ had obliged with a brief full frontal shot of her face. She then asked him to turn on his video screen, which prompted a rather wary ‘why’ on the part of the scammer.

But her face has done the trick. As a Wise Old Man would say, it ‘sealed the deal’.

From there, the scammer seemed to lose all sight of financial gains. He, as my nephew Joseph would put it, didn’t wish to play with toys anymore.

He began insisting that she show her full face to him again, and complimented that she’s “so beautiful”. He also asked whether she’s “single and alone”.


Image: Facebook (Singapore Laughs)

Suffice it to say; the victim wasn’t entertained. But the scammer wasn’t willing to give up just yet.

He continued disregarding the victim’s wary responses, and seemed insistent on complimenting and asking her whether she was single in turn. To cap it all off, he said that he thinks he loves her.

The damage was done; the victim was audibly disgusted. She then asked him to stay on the line with him, as she ‘waited for the cops’.

But Love Is Blind

The scammer, whose initial intention might have been murky at best, is now a fully-fledged Romeo in all of its glory. Even with the imminent intervention of a cop, the scammer threw caution to the wind in his pursuit of love, and revealed his full face on camera.


Image: Facebook (Singapore Laughs)

The balls on this man… they’re made of steel.

Nonetheless, if the scammer was expecting some sort of fairy tale development with the revelation of his face, he was sorely disappointed.

The victim continued with her vein of ‘threats’, and soon ended the call. The scammer, it has to be noted, sounded a little unwilling and disappointed when it ended.

It’s unclear whether he tried calling again. But we highly doubt that the victim would entertain him again anyway.


You can watch the full video clip down below:

And so, let this be a lesson learnt.


Phone scammers are very real, so always be vigilant and cautious when dealing with individuals masquerading as ‘authoritative figures’. Never reveal your personal details; actual authoritative figures would never ask for such private information via the phone.

As long as everyone takes such calls with a pinch of salt, phone scammers will be a thing of the past. After all, there’s no supply without demand.

And of course, also…

Love isn’t always perfect.

Though in hindsight…


I don’t think anyone will be feeling sympathy for the heartbroken individual in question anytime soon.

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