Everything About Scarlett, The Supermarket Chain That’s Starting to Appear Everywhere in S’pore


You may have seen Scarlett supermarkets, or 思家客 supermarkets, popping up everywhere in Singapore.

What is this supermarket chain that has stolen the hearts of Singaporeans? Here’s everything about the supermarket, and what they have to offer.

“Feeling Homesick, Come To Us”

Scarlett Supermarket is a Chinese speciality store, providing a variety of Chinese products since October 2020.

According to their Facebook page, 思家客 directly translates to “Home Sick” in English.

Thus, they have the slogan “Feeling homesick, come to us”, which represents how their supermarket only sells the most authentic products from China.

Their products are sourced directly from China, which is how they manage to sell the goods at a cheaper price point than other supermarkets.

Available Both Online and Offline

Scarlett Supermarket isn’t just popping up everywhere on our sunny island, but it can be accessed on our devices too.

They use Shopee as their online platform, where you can buy your groceries and have them delivered to your doorstep.

Alternatively, you can go down to their twelve stores available islandwide to check out the goods for yourself. They opened their first outlet in October 2020 at 20 Trengganu Street near Chinatown MRT, and have expanded rapidly since then.

Image: chinatown.sg

Their most recent store opening is at NEX Singapore.


You can refer to this Facebook post for their store details:

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Popular Chinese Snacks, Beverages, Fresh Produce and Meat

Scarlett Supermarket has the biggest assortment of Chinese products in Singapore. They have everything from nuts and dried fruits…

Popcorn and beef jerky…

Mouth-watering flavours of instant noodles and beverages you can only get from China…

And even a dizzying selection of our favourite Hai Di Lao soup bases.


They also have fresh produce, like these super-popular melons:

They even have sanitiser spray machines, which is something I didn’t know I needed till I saw this post:

They also regularly have promotions, where you can snag your favourite Suan La Fen at three for $4:


With so many choices and super great deals, can you see why everyone is obsessed with Scarlett Supermarket?

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Featured Image: Facebook (Scarlett Supermarket)