Glass Rained Down from 2nd Floor in Tampines 1 After Glass Railing Shattered for No Reason

A glass railing suddenly shattered in Tampines 1, causing the other levels to experience a minute of “glass rain”.

Here’s what happened.

Glass Railing Shattered

Around 5:30pm on 15 May, the glass railing on the second floor of Tampines 1 shopping mall suddenly shattered.

The affected railing was near bubble tea shop The Alley. It was revealed that nobody was sitting near the railing, and nobody touched it at the time of the accident. The reason for the railing’s sudden shattering is still unknown.

The store then cordoned the affected area, and mall staff arrived at 6pm to properly seal off the affected areas on all floors.

Glass Rained On First and Ground Floors

The glass fragments rained down on the first floor and the ground floor.

Fortunately, nobody was walking along the corridor on the first floor during the accident. But the same could not be said for the ground floor, which housed the cafe Toast Box.

Many consumers enjoying their coffee and bread ended up with a nasty surprise when the glass shards started raining on them, and many abandoned their meal.

The cafe’s staff said that they continued to operate as usual after clearing up the glass and ensuring there won’t be any more glass rain.

You can see footage from the incident here:

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Mall Staff Provided Assistance

According to Shin Min Daily NewsTampines 1 mall confirmed that a glass railing shattered on the second floor, with shattered glass falling onto the first and ground floors.

Staff were sent to cordon off the affected areas and provide assistance to affected businesses.

Business resumed for all within an hour, as soon as the shards were cleared. The glass railing was also removed.

Tampines 1 is investigating the incident, and reiterates that the safety of its customers and merchants comes first.

They apologised for any inconvenience caused.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Veron Cai)