SCDF Officers Rescued 3 People from Shopping Mall Lift Through Pulleys & Ropes


Three people escaped from a lift… through pulleys and ropes.

Here’s how the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) rescued the three people from the lift.

Power Couldn’t Be Restored

The SCDF said in a Facebook post that they received a call for help at about 5:10pm on 26 April.

There were three people trapped in a lift that was stuck between the second and fourth floors of Junction 10 mall. The lift does not serve the fourth floor.

It turned out that power could not be restored to the lift, so they called in the elite Disaster Assistance and Rescue Team, or DART, to rescue the trio.

System of Pulleys and Ropes

DART set up a rescue system of pulleys and ropes on the fourth floor, which allowed two rescuers to lower themselves down the lift opening. The rescuers could then access the lift through the access hatch.


Each trapped person was secured in a rescue harness, before being brought out of the lift using a ladder.

They then used the Power Ascender, a specialised portable battery-operated device, to raise the trapped people to safety.

After they were rescued, an SCDF ambulance crew assessed the three people for injuries.

However, all three refused to go to the hospital.

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Netizens React

Many netizens applauded the DARTeam for a job well done.

One commenter even revealed that one of the trapped people was her husband, and expressed her thanks to the team.

Image: Facebook

However, there were also netizens wondering why power could not be restored to the lift. Aren’t there supposed to be safety measures to power the lift to the nearest level?

Image: Facebook
Image: Facebook

You can view SCDF’s full post here:

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Featured Image: Facebook (Singapore Civil Defence Force)

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