Woman Stayed With Uncle Who Was Trapped in an HDB Lift


In a video posted by @singapore_incidents which went viral on both Instagram and Facebook, it features a kind woman who constantly stayed with a man trapped inside the lift, assuaging his panic and fears as they wait for help to arrive.

Woman Constantly Reassuring the Uncle

Dulling out the sound of the pouring rain outside, the woman can be heard asking the man in the red shirt if he “was okay”, to which the man nods and gives a thumbs-up.

Judging from the video footage, it’s apparent that the lift has stopped between the first and second floor, which grants the uncle a limited view of what is going on outside.

Image: instagram.com (@singapore_incidents)

The uncle proceeds to say something, but the background noise basically drowns him out.

Regardless, the woman continues to reassure the man, telling him to wait, and that she would call again if help didn’t arrive in the next five minutes.

She repeats her assurances again and tells him to calm down, stating that help would definitely arrive.

The woman is such a sweetheart, my goodness.

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The Arrival of the Serviceman

Later on, the video cuts to a serviceman wearing a black and neon yellow jacket, communicating the situation with another person on the phone.

The camera perspective casually pans away from the lift to the situation outside, and it becomes evident what might have caused the lift to malfunction:

The rain is pouring down so heavily that the water is visibly flooding into the lift lobby.

Image: instagram.com (@singapore_incidents)

After receiving the instructions, the professional serviceman wastes no time unlocking a few bolts on the lift door and prying it open.

The uncle, finally granted some fresh air and reprieve from the suffocating and scary situation, is carefully helped out of the lift by the serviceman.

Image: instagram.com (@singapore_incidents)

Even though the ground is flooding around them, a smile is visible in the uncle’s eyes as he laughs in relief and says “thank you so much” to the woman for staying with him the entire time.

Image: instagram.com (@singapore_incidents)

Response from the Netizens

Naturally, many netizens praised the woman for waiting with the uncle until his safety was assured.

One commenter who has presumably been in the same situation before, writes: “Thanks for what you have done, I’m sure it’s very assuring for the uncle to have you accompany him. I [was] once trapped in a lift too… Damn panic! 😱”


Another commenter on Facebook gave more insight into the situation:

“Last 2 week an old uncle was trapped in the lift of the block at 7am! It triggered us as we were wondering who on earth [was] playing with the bell in the early hour. That prompted us to check. Uncle was rescued in less than an hour.”

To be trapped in a lift at such an early hour and for so long… That’s certainly a terrifying thought, and it’s even questionable if the uncle had a phone on him.

Judging from his appearance when he clambered out of the lift, he was just holding plastic bags and looked like he merely went downstairs to grab breakfast. He could never had anticipated such an accident would happen.

The woman is most definitely a good Samaritan for staying with him.


Kudos to her!

It’s probably also a good thing that most of the lifts at HDB blocks have been upgraded to have windows too, or else I couldn’t possibly imagine how much worse it must have felt to be stuck in an enclosed space alone.

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Featured Images: Instagram (@singapore_incidents)