SCDF Elite Officers Rescue Injured Man Trapped On 40-Metre-High Crane With A Stretcher


Our Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) officers have been kept rather busy these past few months.

They rescued a woman from a 14th-floor air-con ledge,

And put out a fire during wee hours of the night at Toa Payoh:

If all these aren’t called dedication to the job, nothing else does.

Image: Giphy

The unsung heroes were back in action yesterday, 7 Sep 2020, at around 4.25pm.

Their mission: To rescue a man who has injured his leg, trapped up high at a 40 meters tall tower crane.


Split Into Two Teams For Rescue Operation

The superheroes The SCDF firefighters, together with the specialists from the elite Disaster Assistance and Rescue Team (DART), headed off to the rescue operation at a construction site along How Sun Drive.

A man had injured himself at the top of a 40-metre high crane.

Because he was unable to get down, the team had to head up to reach him.

Image: Facebook (SCDF)

The team of DART specialists split themselves into two groups.

One group was on the ground, in charge of preparing the stretcher to be hoisted up to carry the injured man down.

Image: Facebook (SCDF)
Image: Facebook (SCDF)

The other team headed up the high tower crane via the ladder

After reaching the top of the crane, the team of four DART specialists walked precariously along the narrow arm of the crane to reach the injured man.

Thereafter, they secured themselves in place and set up a lowering system involving ropes and pulleys.

Image: Facebook (SCDF)

One of the DART specialists who was also crossed trained as an Emergency Medical Technician helped treated and bandaged the man’s wound, at the top of the crane.

Back on the ground, the other team attached the stretcher to a rope that has been deployed by the team to the crane.

Both teams then worked together to hoist the stretcher up to reach the injured man.

The team which was suspended in mid-air then placed the man carefully on the stretcher.

Thereafter, they secured the man firmly before one of the DART specialists attached himself to the stretcher, accompanying the man to the ground.

Image: Facebook (SCDF)

After the man was rescued, an SCDF paramedic assessed his injury. The injured man was then sent to SengKang General Hospital for treatment.

Image: Facebook (SCDF)

The rescue operation, while it sounds almost impossible to do for normal humans, was completed in around an hour’s time.

Check out the full video of the rescue operations here:

No wonder they’re the elite team, huh?

By the way, did you know that their social media team is equally good?


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