SCDF Issues Warning To Jurong Town Council After Fire Hose Had ‘No Water’ During Fire

Fires can be scary and frightening.

Even more so when the firefighters come and they realise that they have no water to put out the fire.

And that was what happened when a fire broke out on 1 November at Blk 210A, Bukit Batok St.21 at around 4.30am.

Video Of Bukit Batok Fire 

In a video shared by Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) Secretary-General, Chee Soon Juan, it showed the fierce fire blazing from a HDB unit.

A voice from behind the camera could be heard repeatedly saying “No water, no water” followed by “Fire hydrant all locked up by the town council. Town council lock up.”

Firefighters could be seen desperately trying to obtain water from one floor down.

The fire was believed to have been happening on the 13th floor. You can watch the video here.

No Water Supply To Put Out Fire 

It sounds like something that could potentially happen in an exciting action-packed thriller movie.

And it would have possibly been one of those scenes where you’re seating at the edge of your seat, wondering if the firefighters are going to pull through.

Except, when it happens IRL and it’s a lot scarier than exciting.

According to The Straits Times, the officers found a few hose reel cabinets in the block locked with padlocks.

Not only was it locked but after the officers broke one of the padlocks, they discovered that there was no water supply for the hose reel inside the cabinet.

Queue the intense k-drama background music. 

Fire Was Eventually Extinguished 

The fire was eventually put out with water from the SCDF’s emergency vehicles.

Specialists rescued two people from the 13th-floor ledge and three were sent to Singapore General Hospital for burn injuries and smoke inhalation.

The origin of the fire was not stated.

Fire Hose Reels Inspected 

According to Mothership, the SCDF inspected the fire hose reels on 1 November together with representatives from the town council.

The Fire Hazard Abatement Notices was issued by the town council which are warnings which requires the town council to fix non-compliance issues with fire safety requirements.

Over the course of the week, the SCDF has conducted several re-inspections and has found that the fire hose reels were accessible and in good working condition.

If the SCDF had discovered non-compliance issues of the same nature during a follow-up inspection, the town council may receive a fine of $5,000 or even face prosecution.

SDP Chee Soon Juan Wrote To PAP MPs

Chee wrote an open letter to PAP MPs Murali Pillai and copied Ang Wei Neng, as the MP for Bukit Batok and the chairman of JCTC respectively.


He also shared the news release in a Facebook post.

Well, stay safe everyone.


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