SCDF Did a PPAP Video to Introduce Their Fire-Engine-Ambulance Hybrid Vehicle

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When you think of the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), comedy isn’t exactly the first thing that comes to mind.

You’ll probably picture heroic men and women sliding down poles and racing towards burning houses to put out flames and save residents from danger.

Extinguishing fires and saving lives is, of course, no laughing matter. A quick response is imperative, as a minute or two can make the difference between life and death.

Still, a little humour never hurt anyone, and the SCDF has showed that while they’re committed to their challenging jobs, they have a jokey side to them as well.

SCDF Video on Jurong Fire Station

The SCDF has introduced its new 2-in-1 Fire Medical Vehicle (FMV) in a rather amusing manner.

In a video on Facebook last Friday (24 July), SCDF detailed the latest addition to its fleet of emergency vehicles.

The short segment, titled “Bringing the Station to You”, includes a tour of Jurong Fire Station and was presented by Lieutenant Lina Chan, who’s been in the SCDF for nearly 5 years.

The segment begins with a brief history of the fire station. According to Lieutenant Lina, Jurong Fire Station used to be located at Boon Lay Drive, where it was in operation for more than 40 years.

Then, in November 2017, it relocated to Jurong West Street 22.

Image: Facebook (SCDF)

The fire station was also the first of its kind to be equipped with a slide instead of a pole, something we often associate with firefighters.

Image: Facebook (SCDF)

Lieutenant Lina says that this “further enhances the safety of our responders without compromising the speed of response to emergency calls.”

Then, the video takes an… unexpected turn.

Did Its Own Version of PPAP

If you’re a connoisseur of the arts, you’re probably familiar with the classic song “Pen Pineapple Apple Pen”.


For those who are a little fuzzy on the details, it’s basically where a grown man sings about combining a pen with an apple and pineapple, and subsequently combining the apple pen and pineapple pen to create the famous Pen Pineapple Apple Pen.

Image: YouTube

The music video has been around for nearly four years, but still, no one knows what the heck it means.

Nevertheless, SCDF decided to do its own version of PPAP, called FMV.

As Lieutenant Lina sings in the video:

Tammy started to see her dead boyfriend after an accident. But did she make him up? Or is there something else? Watch her story that's based on true events here:

I have an ambulance…

Image: Facebook (SCDF)

I have a fire engine…


Image: Facebook (SCDF)

Oohh, FMV.

Image: Facebook (SCDF)

The video then cuts to the 2-in-1 Fire Medical Vehicle (FMV), which is a hybrid of an ambulance and fire engine.

One can understand why they did a parody of PPAP to introduce their hybrid vehicle, but it’s still unclear why they made this poor Lieutenant dance to the tune in front of everyone.


Image: Facebook (SCDF)

Image: Facebook (SCDF)

According to The Straits Times, this hybrid vehicle has a fully functioning ambulance cabin to treat patients and take them to hospital, as well as firefighting facilities for fire-rescue teams.

The FMV is able to carry a crew of four and up to three casualties in emergencies like minor industrial and road traffic accidents.

Let’s hope the FMV speeds to accident sites faster than Lieutenant Lina lifts up her hands and feet while dancing in front of Jurong Fire Station.

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