SCDF Social Media Game Level Up Again, Advises People Not to IG Story When There’s a Fire

Image: Facebook (Singapore Civil Defence Force)

There are three kinds of people when it comes to witnessing a fire.

The first kind, being the pragmatic type, will automatically take out their phones, dial 995, and keep track of the situation.

The second type, being the bo chup kind, will probably stare for like ten seconds, lose interest, and head to the coffee shop for some teh tarik.

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And the third kind will automatically take out their phones, tap on the Instagram app, and start recording the happening. Once they’re done, they’ll proceed with the mandatory hashtags.

#fire #cool #canyoufeeltheheat #oristhatjustme #oooooooo #burnnnnnn #shetmymakeupismeltingoff #byeeee

Incidentally, we know the third kind as the wannabe influencers. And while they pose no immediate danger to anyone, they aren’t exactly the people you would want beside you in a real-life L4d situation.

However, it seems that a local organisation has announced its intention to crack down on this particular type, as their recent Facebook post offers a tongue-in-cheek look into the aforementioned issue.

Case in point? Stop Instagram story-ing, and instead…

Start using the right apps.

Snap to help

On 5 September, the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) published a Facebook post that didn’t just showcase their commitment, but their ability to implement humorous messages that get the point across.

Image: Singapore Civil Defence Force Facebook Page

In case you can’t read, we do a screenshot for you:

If you witness a large fire, do the following:

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So basically, it’s kinda like SCDF’s version of the SGSecure, where Netizens can keep each other posted of dangerous situation. Instead of that, however, the myResponder app seems to operate based on the severity of the user’s posted images and videos.

And I must say, it’s a masterstroke on their part. Audio calls might’ve been fast in emergency, but they lack the visuals to really pronounce the severity of it all.

With this step, however, they’ll be able to ascertain the danger level of the situation, and adjust help as required.

Something different

Netizens of course love it.

Image: SCDF Facebook Page

I might be no psychic, but I’ve a feeling this will work.

Take it from a man who bought 4D one time before in his life, and…

Didn’t win it.

Stop Instagram Story-ing

At the risk of sounding like a dried up Grandpa… stop.

Sure, it’s fine to Instagram story now and then. You can do it while your friend’s playing pool, playing bowling or with minuscule balls. That’s entirely up to you.

But when a fire breaks out, fight that temptation. After all, as a wise old man once said:

“Do the right thang.”

So do the right thing people.

And take a selfie with the fire instead. Why insta story when you can take a selfie right?

Image: The OK Corral –

Humorous messages

Incidentally, SCDF isn’t the only organisation to start resorting to humour in its outreach campaigns.

SPF has been doing it with us too, and suffice it to say that the results are nothing short of amazing-est. Just check out this video we did for proof!

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Fun fact: while filming, we filmed several scenes twice, one for the “safer” side in case the “unsafe” one didn’t get approved and guess what? Every scene we think is “unsafe” got approved 🙂

With that in mind, it might be time to appreciate humour for what it really is, and to stop condemning it. Because from what we see so far…

It might just be the answer to the Big Bang Theory.

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