SCDF to Sound PWS Siren This Friday & Once Again, They Made a ‘Troll’ Video About This

After seeing this video, our boss stormed out of his room and yelled into the work area: “I WANT SOMEONE FROM SCDF TO JOIN US!”

Now, despite he being a crazy fellow whom we often don’t give a damn about, we understand his latest outburst, simply because of one reason: Goody Feed is just like SCDF social media accounts, whereby we repackage the most mundane news or facts into something entertaining, and yet still conveying the core facts / message.

I mean, look at our videos that educate viewers about scams: you won’t have expected Crimewatch 2.0 to be so entertaining (ownself praise ownself):

And SCDF? You know about them. They’re the king and we’re still learning from them.

But this latest one takes the cake.

SCDF Needed to Tell People About PWS

Here are the mundane facts:

On 15 February 2019 at 6:20 p.m., SCDF will sound the Public Warning System (PWS) sirens islandwide as part of Total Defence Day. Public are advised not to be alarmed, and the siren would also sound in all smartphones with the SGSecure app (basically, phones that haven’t deleted the app lah since it usually comes with a new phone).

The public is advised to tune in to any local radio station or free-to-air TV station to listen to a brief message.

This is done every year to mark the time the British surrendered to Japanese Imperial Forces in 1942. It is also done to educate the public on what to do should they hear the siren in a real emergency.

And here are the re-packaged facts through a Facebook video done by SCDF (you’d have though it’s done by the funny folks from SGAG):

First, they’ve two good-looking folks who decide that it’s time for the PWS (SCDF, don’t fake lah, we know what you’re doing you sneaky fellows).

Image: Facebook (SCDF)

And when it’s time to sound the alarm, it turns out that it’s made by an officer’s beatboxing mouth, complete with Comics Sans font that has a black shadow to show their “amateurism”.

Image: Facebook (SCDF)

Then, an officer called Adam reads a message with such bad audio, our video team might just rush over and give them our microphone. Oh, but wait, he has a microphone on (look at his shirt).

It’s not easy to create a bad audio when it most likely has good audio #justsaying

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Image: Facebook (SCDF)

Next, we’ve a scene of a young old mature lady taking out what looks like a toy retro radio to hear the message (which, by the way, is what you should do, though it might be hard to find that radio nowadays).

Image: Facebook (SCDF)

And yes, the font is still Comics Sans.

The video then continue, educating viewers about two other sounds. And just when we thought it’ll be serious throughout again because they’re caught our attention…

Image: Facebook (SCDF)

…beatboxing kissing officer came in again to whistle the other two sirens.

And then, SGAG-style text overlays appeared as Adam listen to the gr8 sound seriously but is apparently just acting professional.

Goody Feed YouTube Channel
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Image: Facebook (SCDF)

And finally, they added this…

Image: Facebook (SCDF)

…and then proceeded to play a footage of the real announcement, which is shorter (and much more boring) but yet contain the same facts.


I’ve to admit after sooooooooo many years, this is the first time I knew so much about the PWS and it’s all because SCDF has made information so entertaining.

You can watch the video here and learn more about the PWS (not sure why they’ve disabled embedding in this video).

And to the SCDF officers who are in charge of doing this video: we’ve left many desks in the office for you. If you don’t feel like saving lives anymore, our door is always open for you.

By the way, Adam, you rock.

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