Scientists in Japan Discovers Glass That Can Heal Itself, Perfect For Your iPhone


Polyether thiourea. Try saying that five times without biting your tongue.

Polyether thiourea, Polyether thiourea, Polyether thiourea, Polyeterr-

Well, I bit my tongue at the fourth one. And unlike my bleeding tongue, most glass doesn’t have the ability to heal itself.

Try shattering a bottle of beer, for example. The wasted sweet nectar aside, most people wouldn’t even imagine putting the bottle back together again.

However, with Polyether thiourea, a new semitransparent polymer, you can now do that! (Why would you, anyway)

Simply apply some pressure from your hands, and voila! The glass made from Polyether thiourea is now fixed!

Skeptical? So was I. Here, take a look at the video. You’ll have to see it to believe it!


Now, isn’t that amazing?

The hydrogen bonds in the polyether thioureas act as a natural adhesive. You’ll just have to keep the two pieces firmly together at room temperature for a few hours.

The findings were published in the U.S. journal Science on 14 Dec. The team, including Takuzo Aida, a professor of supermolecular chemistry at the University of Tokyo, also found out that the material retains its strength once recovered.

Naturally, netizens are amazed by the discovery. (Heheh)


Either way, imagine using Polyether thiourea for your phone screen.

Good news, iPhone plebs! Perhaps your fragile screens can repair themselves in the near future!


Well, jokes aside, if the seams would also disappear, that would be awesome. Just imagine the possibilities.

Your neighbour’s kid breaks your window! No worries, it’s jigsaw puzzle time!

Your son smashes your fish tank! No problem, it’s time to rebuild the habitat!

Your girlfriend shatters your heart! …Uh, I’m sorry bro. My condolences.


Anyway, I would love to see phones with self-healing screens. Imagine the amount of money someone with butterfingers could save!


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