ITE Student Allegedly Trespassed into Secondary School to Beat Up his Love Rival

Lest you’re wondering, the article headline does not reveal my boss’ next working title. They might be similar, but they’re not the same. Incidentally, you may check out the original best-selling book here.

But back to the topic;

Love rivals… in this time of age?

I guess matters of the heart genuinely span all generations… even one fraught with such calamities as SARS, Covid-19 and the existence of wasabi.

ITE Student Allegedly Trespassed into Secondary School to Beat Up his Love Rival

According to Shin Min Daily Newsan Institute of Technical Education (ITE) student had infiltrated a secondary school in eastern Singapore to seek a fight with his ‘love rival’.

The fight, which was reportedly one-sided, ended with a bloodbath. Or as HardwareZone user Amelia more aptly puts it: “He is bleeding like mad in the nose and head damn pain macham blur blur”.

The incident came to light when the victim’s guardian, Amelia, posted about the ‘tussle’ on the local forum, seeking “real advice” on what to do.

She has since accompanied the victim to Changi General Hospital for treatment. A police report was lodged subsequently.

Fighting Over A Girl

In her series of posts, Amelia claimed that the aggressor had stepped into the secondary school with a female student.

Both guys allegedly liked the female student, who’s believed to be an alumnus of the school.

The aggressor went on to assault the teenage victim. According to Amelia, the teenager refrained from resisting or fighting back during the assault.

According to Stomp, the principal of the secondary school confirmed the incident, stating that a Post-Secondary Education Institution student had fabricated his reason for entering the school.

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The school has since contacted the affected student.

“We are in touch with the student and his guardian to ensure his well-being, and will continue to provide him with the necessary support,” the principal told Shin Min.

In order to prevent such incidents from occurring again, the school’s safety measures will be reviewed and adjusted accordingly.

Netizens Air Their Dissent

After news broke out, Netizens were quick to air to dissent about the controversial matter.

Some, for instance, lamented the lack of discipline that gave rise to such incidents in the first place.

Image: Stomp
Image: Stomp

While others questioned whether the cause truly warrants such behaviour.

Image: Stomp

One also speculated whether the victim was truly as innocent as he was portrayed in the original article.

Image: Stomp

The comment, however, has yet to be verified.

Make Love, Not War

As the world grapples with a serial lethal seducer known as the Covid-19, it’s important that we stay united and avoid creating any unnecessary trouble. After all, we have enough on our hands…

Without extra lemons being thrown our way too.


So kids, adults and grandparents, please;

Make love, not war.

“What if there are three parties involved?” my colleague Chi Bian Fu asked.


Why make war, when you can make love? 😉


Just kidding; please sort it out like civilised people and abstain from using questionable sites as mediators for your troubles.

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