Selfless 60YO M’sian Feeds Stray Dogs Despite Having Barely Enough Money To Feed Himself


I always love stories about people who are selfless.

These stories always reminded me how much a simple act of kindness can go a long way.

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Yet sometimes, is there a line to draw? Especially when we ourselves are in dire straits, is it alright to prioritise ourselves?

Well, to 60-year-old uncle Zheng, it seems he still chooses others first.

Or in this case, dogs first.

Unfortunate Situation

According to an article done by Guanghua Daily, Zheng used to be a factory worker in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan.

Unfortunately, he was forced to retire after he was involved in a car accident last year.

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To make matters even worse, the uncle was also recovering from liver cancer near the end days of his job, and the accident doing nothing to help it.

Man, can you imagine being jobless and in pain? That freaking sucks.

Zheng’s situation is currently being monitored by a group of people from the Malaysian Charity Association.

With savings barely enough to have three meals every day, Zheng still decided to share what little he had with the neighbourhood stray dogs.

Image: KLNow

Feeding The Strays

I’m no super dog lover, but I respect the effort that Zheng puts into this.

Along with other villagers, he would ride his bike up to a local eatery, Yasha New Village Tea Room, to receive leftovers or kitchen waste to feed the stray dogs.

If I was in desperate times like Zheng, I’d probably cook up a few leftovers for myself to make sure I don’t go hungry.

But this guy’s heart is way too big.

He actually cooks for the dogs first even if there won’t be enough for him!

Image: Guanghua Daily

Unlivable Conditions

I sincerely hope Zheng can one day catch a break.

A group from the association found that the wooden house he stayed in was surrounded by filth and garbage.

Zheng doesn’t even have access to clean tap water. To bathe, the man uses boiled rainwater. He then uses it to cook food for the dogs.

The guy stayed in a really remote area too, which might make it hard for him to stay in touch or contact others.

When the tea room runs out of food, it’s difficult for Zheng to get food, hence, he usually has to wait for dinner before he can eat.

Image: Guanghua Daily

The founder of the association, Mike Chen, Zheng’s life might be at risk due to the instability of his home structure, especially due to the stormy weather.

Good people like him don’t deserve to suffer. If you know anyone suffering from a similar plight, a simple helping hand might change their life.