S.H.E’s Selina Jen, 41, Confirmed to be Pregnant; Dad is Boyfriend Who’s 7 Years Younger


Remember Selina Jen publicising her new relationship in March last year?

This year, she has announced another big news!

Drumroll, please…

She’s pregnant!

Finally Becoming a Mom

Yes, pregnant; no, not married (yet?).

The legendary 41-year-old Taiwanese singer revealed the happy news about the new addition to her family in a podcast on Weibo on 13th March.

She also shared the joyous news with her international fans by uploading an ultrasound picture on Instagram:

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Selina is currently three months pregnant, and the gender of the baby is unknown. But that doesn’t deter her from choosing the nickname “Little Cashew” for the baby.

The cashew isn’t some random cute little name she came up with, but one that has a story behind it; the name is a homage to her Vietnam trip, which she believes was where she conceived the child.

While vacationing there, she gushed that the cashew nuts were surprisingly the most memorable aspect of the trip.

Her love for the nickname is evident in her Instagram captions, where she wrote a short poem about cashews in relation to her baby. Translated:


“Cashew nuts~ curved, just like smiling eyes, uplifting, just like the corner of the mouth seems to be smiling! Mom wants Cashew to be a happy baby”.


Not forgetting her boyfriend, she reaffirmed that meeting her boyfriend, who she endearingly calls “Little Xu”, has been an “unexpected gift” in her life.

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A baby coming means a wedding is coming too, right?

Nah, hold your horses there.

Selina’s manager has stated that the couple has yet planned a wedding anytime soon.

Which, given her past divorce, seems reasonable enough.

Her previous marriage with lawyer Richard Chang lasted five years, and the couple divorced in 2016.

In fact, before dating her current boyfriend, she wasn’t so sure if she wanted to be in a relationship with a younger guy. When he was still pursuing her, Selina told media outlets that there might be problems between the two as “men are more childish than women”.

When asked if she’ll ever reveal to the public if they ever got together, she adamantly refused to go public even if “photographed together in bed”.


Well, it looks like someone had a change of heart.