People Are Now Selling NDP Funpacks on Carousell for Up to $35

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For many years now, those who attend the annual National Day Parade (NDP) will be given NDP funpacks.

And it doesn’t matter if you went to the NDP rehearsal or the actual event on the day itself, everyone will be entitled to one funpack.

So what does the funpack usually contain?

Well, there are usually some snacks in the bag just in case you get hungry during the show, some stickers and face tattoos, water, the Singapore flag, and even a discount book that has good deals.

However, this year is a tad different.

With the COVID-19 situation this year that affected millions of people worldwide, Singapore has decided not to hold multiple NDP rehearsals. Instead, there will only be one NDP on the actual day itself, and it will be live-streamed to everyone in their homes.

And when the government initially announced that they will be giving out NDP funpacks to everyone, over 65,000 people signed a petition saying that they didn’t want it and that the government should not waste resources if there are people who don’t want it.

As such, Ah Gong listened and decided to set up multiple NDP funpack collection booths around Singapore to cater to the 80% of Singaporeans who would like to collect it, so as to minimise wastage.

This year’s NDP funpack is called the Singapore Together pack and it consists of items that are pretty useful and practical for us to fight the virus, such as a thermometer, hand sanitisers, surgical masks, reusable masks, snacks, and drinks.

But here’s the catch, every household is only entitled to one Singapore Together pack.

So what if I want more?

Well, some Singaporeans listened.

People Are Selling NDP Funpacks on Carousell for Up to $35

People have been taking photos of the NDP funpacks and uploading them up onto Carousell for sale.

One person even intends to sell the complete set at a whopping $35.

Image: Carousell

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Another seller termed his listing as the “updated” NDP 2020 funpack for $26.

Image: Carousell

In the description box, it’s said that the seller needed the reusable mask, so he took it. Other than that, everything else is untouched. The seller has also kindly added in two additional bottles of Dettol hand sanitiser, as well a Cori Supermask that is still sealed inside its packaging.

That doesn’t sound too bad, am I right? And it’s cheaper than the initial $35.

There are also people who are just selling the bag but not the contents for $8 or $10.

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Image: Carousell

We all know that the contents this time are pretty valuable.


Image: Carousell

Image: Carousell

And since the contents are valuable, there are people who are selling them too.

Like this person who is selling the given thermometer for $4.

Image: Carousell


And this person who is selling the reusable mask for $4.

Image: Carousell


What was supposed to be given to each household as the goodwill of the government is now being used as a means to make money off of others.

And the irony of this? That petition that you might have signed.

Conversely, you can collect your bag and donate it to people who didn’t even have a chance to have it:


Not The First Time

Unfortunately, this isn’t the first time that NDP funpacks have appeared on Carousell for sale.

In fact, if you search NDP funpack on Carousell, you’ll be surprised that there are actually quite a number of people who are eager to sell off their funpack for a quick buck.

Image: Carousell

Likewise, there are people selling just the bags for $8.


Image: Carousell

Someone has even collected all 18 designs of NDP 2018 and is selling all of them at $200.

Image: Giphy


I’m also wondering how the heck he can have all the designs.

And then there’s also someone selling the full contents and the bag that was given on in 2017 for $15.

Image: Carousell

Last but not least, there’s also one person who put up a listing for the NDP 2019 funpack for $0.

Image: Carousell


It’s unclear as to whether the funpack is going to be given away for free or if the $0 is just a ruse. But if it’s free, then at least faith in humanity is restored…by a tad bit.