Sembawang White Bee Hoon in IMM Review: So Good It’s Exactly Like The One At Sembawang


Last Updated on 2018-06-02 , 1:56 pm

So we had a little bit of excitement in the office today.

We got to review the famous Sembawang White Bee Hoon (IMM outlet) and the group of us got to fight over who was doing the review.

And I won! Haha, take that boys!

To be fair, one of my colleagues already tried it so he was automatically disqualified from The Hunger Games: lunchtime edition. 

And also, I am a really nice individual so I shared the Bee Hoon.

So let’s get on with the review!

I was very excited to try this Bee Hoon because I keep hearing everyone talk about it. And I live in Woodlands right, so a bit paiseh that I still hadn’t made my way down to their Sembawang outlet to try it.

So we ordered it on FoodPanda (no, this isn’t sponsored although we all wish it was), and I was very curious to see how the noodles would hold up during delivery.

So two things happen when you open the lid.

The first, you will instantly be hit by the smell of this dish.

The second, you will be wondering how white bee hoon can be so…colourful.


The smell will seriously get your tummy rumbling.

You have this delicate smell of seafood, the salty, thick sauce and egg which blends together to give you this you must get in my belly right now feeling.

It’s seductive, I swear.

I mean look at it! It looks so good!

I would say that just smelling it and looking at it gave me extremely, extremely high expectations for what it would taste like.

And I was NOT disappointed.

No, not at all.

There is a reason why everyone raves about it. And I will rave about it too.

White bee hoon is a very plain noodle to eat on its own. But when this humble, plain noodle soaks up the saltiness of the sauce, with the smokiness of the wok still lingering, it’s perfection.


My colleague told me that when you eat it at the store, the noodles would be less soggy because they haven’t been soaking in the sauce.

Now personally, I didn’t mind the soggy noodles. Bee Hoon is so thin that it doesn’t get traditionally soggy and mushy like thicker noodles would.

It gets a bit softer.

And I love it.

Because all that amazingness of the sauce?


It’s completely soaked into the noodles to give you that perfect sauce-to-noodle ratio. You don’t have to purposely drag your noodles around in the sauce to get it all up in there.

I love it. Have I already said that?

Now, the next thing that makes this dish so freakin’ amazing would be that they are very generous with the seafood and eggs that they’ve got mixed up in there.

And the seafood tastes FRESH. The prawns did not taste like they have been sitting around in a freezer for days. They were juicy, springy and just…fresh!


The squid was well-cut and added a nice texture to the dish, even if it didn’t taste like much.

The eggs lent an extra burst of flavour.

And guess what the eggs were doing?

They had been sitting there soaking up all that delicious sauce too!

The Sembawang White Bee Hoon is one of those well-known dishes that deserve all the hype.

It is not overrated at all.

They have managed to get a perfect balance of all the flavours and textures – the seafood taste and chewy texture from the squid, the juicy sweetness of the prawns, the crunch of the vegetables, the softness of the noodles, the substance of the egg – all joined together in perfect harmony with the salty sauce and its subtle vinegar and garlic undertones.

A true flavour explosion.


Worth every single penny.

Worth every calorie.

If you haven’t tried it, or you are hesitant to try it for fear they are overrated, they aren’t.

And from what my colleague said, they are very consistent in quality and taste and portion serving in all their outlets!

So go get yourself a big helping of the White Bee Hoon.

It’s so satisfying and tasty – I can promise you won’t regret it!

So how does it fare with the White Bee hoon from other outlets?

Here’s the thing: only one of us have tried the White Bee hoon from three outlets, namely the original one at Sembawang, the restaurant-styled one in Sun Plaza and this, the one from IMM.

Many people have swore that the original one tastes the best, but he begs to differ. In fact, he thinks all of them taste the same: the only difference is that he got angry at the original stall (‘coz of the super long queue), he got sad at the one in Sun Plaza (‘coz it’s expensive) and he got happy at the one in IMM (‘coz it’s free as we stole our boss’s credit card for this).

So if you’re just comparing, and you trust his taste buds, then this outlet’s bee hoon can still make the cut.

And remember, I got all that from a takeaway. Imagine how much better it’ll be at the outlet.

Rating: 4.5 / 5

Address: White Restaurant at IMM (02-24)
Opening Hours: 11:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Daily 

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