Woman Sent 1,000kg of Onions to Ex-BF Who Made Her Cry for 3 Days Because It’s ‘His Turn to Cry’

Breakups aren’t pleasant. Or at least, that’s how they always portray it in TV shows. One party does wrong; the other party finds out and kaboomz;

They break up and engage in an entire post-breakup phase where they cry alot, catch up with long-lost enemies now turned bffs, hook up with hot supernatural beings and torture themselves with Starbucks frappucinos. Lots of Starbucks frappucinos.

Just TV logic, but hey nobody’s complaining.

Yet here’s the thing; one would normally expect such ‘fraudulent’ ideas to occur only on the screen. After all, reality’s different from reel life…


1,000kg of Onions ‘Coz It’s ‘His Turn to Cry’

According to Tou Tiao Xin Wen on Weibo, some delivery personnel had found themselves delivering an entire tonne of onions to a residential address on 16 May 2020.

Image: Weibo
Image: Weibo

Delivery personnel had reportedly dialed the receiver, but nobody had answered.

A hand-written note that came with the delivery read:

“I wept for three days, now it’s your turn to cry!”

Image: Weibo
Image: Giphy

Well, the intention’s obvious:

They’re obviously having a Covid-19 challenge where they have to finish arduous missions like crying for three days and then passing on the baton. 

Geez, you could have found more productive stuff to do. Like contorting 180 degrees and scaring the shit out of your mum or something.

Woman Sent 1,000kg of Onions to Ex-BF ‘Coz It’s ‘His Turn to Cry’

But it looks like I got it all wrong.

As it turns out, the actual reason comes off as a trope right out of a non-existent TV show:

A woman, known only as Zhao, had sent her ex-boyfriend the entire load of onions, to let him know what it feels like to cry.

Image: Giphy

As my mentor the honourable Wise Old Man would probably put it, what on earth has quarantine done to people?

Thereafter, Chinese media picked up on the incident and interviewed the ex-couple through the phone. Zhao then explained her rather bizarre choice of action, calling out her ex on his cheating ways and stating that she had cried at home for three days. Her ex-boyfriend, however, didn’t seem to have the same sentiments after breaking up.

And so, she decided to have people send the entire ton of onions right to his doorstep.

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Here’s what Zhao reportedly said in an audio clip:

“I accidentally found out that he had been chatting with other women on his phone. So I knew he wasn’t being faithful. I heard from his friends that even after breaking up, he wasn’t upset… I was at home crying for three days. I felt miserable. I wanted to give him a taste of my sadness. So I sent him a ton of onions to his house, to let him know what it feels like to cry.”

Ex-boyfriend Retaliates

In his own interview, the ex-boyfriend in question decided to fight back.

“This ex-girlfriend of mine is really something. After we broke up, she kept telling everyone that I did not shed a single tear.”


He then asked a rather pertinent question.

“You mean that guys must cry after a breakup?”

Well, to be fair, people can convey their sadness through other methods. But that still doesn’t excuse his behaviour during the course of their relationship.

From what Zhao stated, it can be implied that the ex-boyfriend had conversed with other women with the intention of being more than just friends. If that notion is true…

Well, let’s just say it’s a move that will give the World of the Married a run for its money.


But anyways, folks;

Please abstain from sending entire tonnes of onions to your ex-partners. Firstly, they probably don’t care. And secondly, that’s a waste of money and good, usable onions.

So instead of sending them to someone who doesn’t appreciate it, how about cooking them up yourself and posting your grand creation on Instagram?

Mmm… master shef unlocked.

Image: Imgflip.com

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