SCDF Officers Rescued a Dog in a Burning Condo Unit in Sengkang

If you’ve played a game of “What would you save if you were in a fire”, it’s pretty obvious that lots of Singaporeans would choose to save their pets.

And it seems like that was definitely the case for firefighters from the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) recently when they helped put out a fire at Sengkang.

Just yesterday (6 June), SCDF officers were alerted to a fire that had broken out at The Quartz Condominium at Blk 53 Compassvale Bow at around 5.55pm.

According to SCDF’s Facebook post, the fire broke out at a unit on the 25th floor. “Black smoke could be seen emitting” from the unit when SCDF officers reached the area as well.

Thankfully, no one else apart from the dog was in the unit at that point in time. Firefighters, who were equipped with breathing apparatus sets, were able to force their way into the unit.

The dog, which was found in the living room of the house, was rescued by SCDF officers and handed back to the owner afterwards. SCDF also included a photo of the officers feeding the dog with water.

Additionally, although around ten people were evacuated from the affected block, there were, fortunately, no injuries.

Based on the caption of SCDF’s Facebook post, the fire primarily involved the kitchen of the house and was put out with one water jet.

The cause of fire is currently under investigation.

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Netizens’ Reactions

Upon seeing the adorable dog being rescued, many commenters on the post lauded SCDF officers for their response and of course, for saving the dog.

“The dog is fortunate to be saved in the nick of time n kept hydrated,” said one Facebook user.

“Good Job SCDF ! I saw the dog walking and barking again after members of SCDF did some work on it,” another commenter wrote.

Many other commenters and pet lovers also expressed their gratitude towards the SCDF officers for saving the dog.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Singapore Civil Defence Force)