Fortune Teller Who Sold $188 Hand-Drawn Talisman Responds to Allegations of ‘Cheating’

Even if you have never visited a fortune teller before, you’ve probably heard of some stories regarding people’s experiences with them.

And recently, Facebook user Yew Leong shared his experience with the entire Internet by posting about his experience with a fortune teller at Fu Lu Shou Complex near the Bugis area in the VOICE YOUR GRIEVANCES Facebook group on 28 May.

According to him, he got “scammed” by the fortune teller and ended up buying a $188 amulet that was hand-drawn.

Scammed by Fortune Teller

Based on his post, he and his friend visited a fortune teller who charged $12 per question at Fu Lu Shou Complex.

Leong also noted that although “She was able to say some of our past history without us telling her”, she gave the pair “nonsense advise”.

“Eg. She say you can rent out your 2 room bto. She obviously don’t know sg law, that 2 room bto cannot be rented out during 5 years mop (minimum occupation period),” Leong explained.

After asking her a few questions, his friend asked her if there was anything he could buy to “change his luck”, and the fortune teller recommended the pair to buy the $188 amulet and pray to it.

Being influenced by his friend who bought the talisman, Leong decided to buy one as well, but regretted as he felt cheated afterwards.

However, it seems like Leong’s friend still believes what the fortune teller told him.

Fortune Teller’s Response

After the post went viral on Facebook, 8world managed to contact the fortune teller described in the post.

The fortune teller, a 60-year-old woman named Joyce, claimed that both parties participated in the transaction willingly, and that she did not force the pair of men to purchase anything from her.

She also brought up the analogy of how if a customer willingly pays $1,000 for a pair of shoes, it is unreasonable for him to complain that the seller cheated him of his money even if the shoes are worth less.

Joyce emphasised that she does not try to “make money” off those who find her, but she is ultimately also like everyone else and has to support herself.

Including rent and utilities, her monthly expenses come up to $1,600 a month.

She added that Leong’s words were “baseless accusations” since his friend only asked for her help to change his luck.

Afterwards, Joyce also told 8world that she is open to refunding the men if the talisman does not work for them and they wish to return it, but also said that individuals should not desecrate it due to its religious nature.

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Netizens’ Reactions

Since Leong posted his post on Facebook, most netizens have been largely amused by the entire encounter, especially with regards to the hand-drawn talisman.

However, there have also been netizens who disapproved of Leong’s actions, and pointed out that the fortune teller technically did not “cheat” him of his money.

“Seems like you have buyers regret after the purchase and trying to disparage the service provider who charged what she quoted and didn’t pressure you to buy,” one user even wrote.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Yew Leong)