Everything About the Knife Attack Incident in Serangoon, The 2nd Knife Incident in 2 Days

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Arguments are bound to happen amongst people, and there will come a time when unhappiness and disagreements ensue.

However, we must take care to not let emotions escalate into violence of any sort.

Unfortunately, today’s case is an example of what happens when an argument gets out of hand.

Attack at Serangoon Road

A knife attack involving two men along Serangoon Road occurred in the early hours of 8 October.

The police were alerted around 1.30am that day.

The victim was a 33-year-old man who suffered injuries on his left arm. He was apparently attacked by another man at 525 Serangoon Road.

A video from stop showed several police cars and tents around the scene of the crime at 3am.

Man injured in knife attack after heated argument at Serangoon Road, police looking for suspect

Man injured in knife attack after heated argument at Serangoon Road, police looking for suspect https://bit.ly/33I9CHT

Posted by Stomp on Thursday, 8 October 2020

If you’ve spotted the tents, fret not; the tents were not used for bodies so thankfully, no one died following the incident.

The victim was taken to Singapore General Hospital while he was conscious.

Before the attack, both men were apparently having a heated argument, though it is not known what it was about.

Still, nothing should’ve been bad enough to try and claim another person’s life.

Calls For Assistance

As of this writing, the assailant has not been caught.

The police have released images of him and they have been circulating on the internet since.

Image: Singapore Police Force

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Image: Singapore Police Force

Anyone with information can call the Police Hotline at 1800-255-0000 or submit information online via i-witness.

All information will be kept strictly confidential.

Not the First Incident This Week

This is, sadly, not the only incident recently where someone was attacked by an armed assailant.

In fact, it was the second incident in two consecutive days.

A 34YO "old-virgin" S'porean was desperately looking for a boyfriend and surprisingly, she really found one online. But the intentions of the man will make you cry. Prepare tissue paper to watch this video based on real events:

On 7 October, Mr Lee Jing Wen, 23, was left bloodied at a FairPrice outlet in Boon Lay Shopping Centre.

An 18-year-old teen tried to ask him to buy cigarettes for him, as he was not of age to do so as the age requirement has increased to 20 years of age.


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Posted by Goody Feed on Friday, 9 October 2020

When Mr Lee refused, he was allegedly attacked by the teen who brandished a knife at him.

Police managed to catch the attacker on the same day using CCTV footage. Mr Lee was also sent to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital shortly after.

The attacker has since been caught, charged and sent to be remanded in IMH.