@sgcickenrice Instagram Account is for the ‘Long Term’ & Not Just Exposing NOC


In Singapore, some foods have other meanings.

Nasi Lemak used to be a Telegram group for men who think with their wrong heads, sushi is now a YouTuber and now, chicken rice might be a platform for “confessions about influencers and the media industry”.

Yes, we’re referring to that chicken rice account.

@sgcickenrice Instagram Account is for the ‘Long Term’ & Not Just Exposing NOC

Lest you’ve been living under a rock, here’s what happened: earlier this month, @sgcickenrice surfaced on Instagram, leaking texts and audio that show NOC’s Sylvia Chan using abusive language on her staff members.

It created waves on the Internet, and initially, Sylvia fought back with a lawyer’s letter, which led to @sgcickenrice removing all contents.

In case you’re not aware, a lawyer’s letter isn’t a lawsuit; watch this video to the end and you’d understand:

But a day later, the national dish struck back: a law firm is representing them and they put all their contents back.

Soon after, Sylvia came out with an apology, and all of a sudden, @sgcickenrice removed all leaked contents.

This might be the end for Sylvia’s influencer career (she said she will be removing herself from NOC’s list of artistes), but it’s not the end for our national dish.

While Sylvia has stayed silent throughout, @sgcickenrice, which now has 48.8k followers, has been active, posting regularly on Instagram story about chicken rice (the real chicken rice) and other food.

But they also provided hints on what’s next for them.

One thing’s for sure: the account isn’t created just to expose Sylvia, because it’s mentioned that they would be here for the long term:

Image: Instagram (@sgcickenrice)

Other than that, they’re offering help to review products—that would be free for three days.

Image: Instagram (@sgcickenrice)

Reader Bao: Sounds like an influ—

They’ve also set up a Telegram group called the SGCicikenrise Small Business, which provides shoutouts to small businesses with promo codes.

Reader Bao: Now, that’s an influ—


Initially, anyone can go in to view the promo codes, but it seems like you’d need to join the channel to see them now.

So, have our national dish become an influencer, since their spelling skills seemed to have degraded as well, in line with an influencer’s SOP?

Well, no.

Apparently, they’re not going to spend a bulk of their time spilling tea…

Image: Instagram (@sgcickenrice)

…but according to their new Instagram bio, the account would be “confessions about influencers and the media industry”.


What’s next for them?

No one knows but with SMRT Feedback out of action since May this year, you can bet that the dyslexic national dish is here to stay.

Oh, wait, what if @sgcickenrice is SMRT Feedback…

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Featured Image: Instagram (@sgcickenrice)