Shirwin Eu is Back & He Wants to Run For Presidency This Time


If you, like me, didn’t know about the existence of Shirwin Eu, here’s a little breakdown for you before we dive right into the possible President Candidate in 2017. He might just make Singapore great again.

Eu, previously known as an unsuccessful Bukit Batok by-election candidate in 2016, was seen entering the Elections Department (ELD) building today (1 June) to collect his application papers to run in the 2017 Presidential Election. Eu had also intended to run for the Bukit Panjang SMC seat as an independent candidate in the 2015 General Election.


When speaking to the media from The Straits Times, he said that he had just finished his morning shift and decided to pop by to grab an application form because he felt like it.

“I think I’m doing this by instinct. I just feel like walking in, I just feel like doing it. I feel that, probably, I’m better than the rest of the candidates until proven otherwise.”

However, the Singapore election this year also marks the first presidential election reserved for Malay candidates. Candidates applying will have to submit a community certificate confirming they belong to the Malay community.

When asked about his views regarding that and if he knew about such a requirement, he responded.

“I understand this is a reserved election for the minorities, for the Malay candidates, but the verdict is not out yet. I think there is always a chance for the Government to review its intentions.”

“I’m not sure if the Malay community wants to do that because there may be some repercussions and setbacks to it.”

“Of course, we also know that there is a person who is actually appealing, so it could be depending on the court of appeal and final panel of judges (on) what is their conclusion to whether this election should be held freely and openly and not limited to any forms of race.”

He was referring to Mr Tan Cheng Bock’s recent High Court application.

The media also asked Eu what he thought his chances of winning the elections were. Eu responded that since the chance of winning the Presidential Election is determined by the people and that everyone is equally qualified to participate in the election. 

“Whether I stand a chance, it doesn’t matter because the chance is decided by the people, not by any form of committee, counsel or election department. How do you know I will not win if I am not even qualified?”

Next question: why is he so “persistent” in joining the elections?

“I feel that, probably, I am better than the rest of the candidates, until proven otherwise. I like the challenge of pitting. Then the ultimate winner can be decided based on merits and other forms of basis.”

Good for you, Shirwin! Shirwin also thinks that he is 34-years-old this year (maybe he’s trolling the media because this was asked twice?). Not only is he driving for Uber, he’s also concurrently driving for Grab.

And yes, passengers do recognize him.


You can watch the full interview below:

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Featured Image: YouTube (Straits Times)

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