Unreal Twist in Bukit Batok Car Explosion: Car was Reportedly Stolen & Victim Was Allegedly an Online Scammer


On Wednesday, 26 April evening, a large explosion occurred in a multi-storey carpark along Bukit Batok Street 24 (which happens to be very near our office, OMG).

According to witnesses, the explosion was so intense, cars in a 10-lot radius around the exploded car had their windshields shattered from the force.

The witness himself lived in the block beside it, and the explosion had shaken the building.

In fact, the explosion was so large, our office in all the way at the Spire (it’s within walking distance, though you need to walk for a while) could hear the bang. I swear at that moment I had flashbacks to NS live firing. The explosion sounded so much like armoured vehicles.

Anyway, the vehicle, a silver Nissan, was found to be entirely wrecked, and portable butane gas canisters were found nearby. A man was also found nearby, injured by the explosion. He was sent to Singapore General Hospital.

This might have been an accident, or a simple destruction of property case, if not for the fact that the silver Nissan looked a lot like a Nissan that was stolen from a car rental service just a day ago.

Image: stomp.com.sg

This car is apparently the same model as the one stolen.

Reportedly, the man who was injured in the explosion is the same man that scammed 34 victims online for more than $30k back in 2015, and was jailed for 17 months. Dwight T Soriano had also rented a Nissan from a local car rental service, which had gone missing since Tuesday.

Everything seems to fit here.

According to Alex, the owner of the car rental company, Dwight had rented the car since April 17, with a weekly payment of $420. Dwight had not made any payment by the end of the first week, on 24 April, and had delayed repeatedly on every call Alex made.

Finally, by noon 26 April, Alex made a police report.

Less than half a day later, Alex heard of the explosion and rushed to Bukit Batok.

It would fit quite perfectly if Dwight was the man involved in the explosion. What do you think?

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Featured Image: stomp.com.sg


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