Person Relates His ‘Crazy Rich Asian’ SHN in Hotel Room & The Food Looks Goody

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While most of us would rather avoid being slapped with a Stay-Home notice because of work or other commitments, some people can, in fact, afford that luxury.

Like, literally afford the luxury.

Person Relates His ‘Crazy Rich Asian’ SHN in Hotel Room & The Food Looks Goody

A Singaporean researcher named Marcus Chua detailed his Stay-Home Notice (SHN) for 14 days on Facebook and Twitter.

And no, it’s not your usual sit in your flat kind of Stay-Home Notice.

He shares how he arrived in Singapore from Washington, United States (US) on 26 March 2020.

According to measures announced by the government, Singaporeans and Singapore Residents who return from the UK and U.S from 26 March 2020 will serve their SHN in dedicated facilities, with meals being paid for by the government.

His Intentions For Posting It Online

Chua spoke to Mothership and told that his intentions of sharing his experience online were so that he can keep them in the loop.

He also explained in his tweet that the reason he had to come back from the US was that his campus and all research facilities are closed following advice from the Singapore embassy and his workplace.

Chua is currently a research staff at the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, which focuses on biodiversity research.

What Happened

He explains how they were “politely ushered into an empty departure hall” after temperature taking before they were issued the SHN.

He then got to know that their accommodation would be “the 5-star Swissotel Stamford” for 14 whole days.

Here, their accommodation, food and laundry will be provided and paid for by the Singapore government.

Free staycation anyone?

Swissotel Stamford SHN Experience

Before he was allowed into the hotel, the staff took his temperature.

He also shared a photo of the menu which provided 2 options, one that was non-vegetarian and one that was.


Image: Twitter

But you don’t care about the food, you just want to see the room don’t you?

Image: Twitter

He described the room to be “very Crazy Rich Asians” and even shared the stunning view from his room’s balcony.

Image: Twitter (Marchuschua)

Image: Twitter (Marchuschua)

How much can you earn from delivering food with foodpanda in Singapore? We tried it out for you, and the amount is apparently not what we’ve expected:

Image: Twitter (Marchuschua)

Measures Put In Place To Prevent Contamination

He also said that there were special laundry bags for soiled bath and bed linen to prevent contamination.

Image: Twitter (Marchuschua)


He also shared a picture of a piece of paper containing information regarding their SHN at the hotel.

The hotel provided contact-free delivery of his dinner which was left hanging on his hotel room door handle by a plastic bag.

Image: Twitter (Marchuschua)

Image: Twitter (Marchuschua)

His overall conclusion? He’s “impressed and proud of Singapore’s response” to the coronavirus outbreak.


Honestly, I would be too if I was given a free stay at Swissotel Stamford for 14 days.

The Situation In Singapore

As of 26 March, there are 52 new cases of the coronavirus, out of which 28 are imported.

The PCF Fengshan cluster now has a total of 20 linked cases. In total, Singapore has 683 coronavirus cases.

172 patients have fully recovered and are discharged, while 18 are in ICU. 2 patients have passed away.


The conditions of the remaining patients are either stable or improving, and 87 of them who are clinically well but still test positive for COVID-19 have been transferred to Concord International Hospital, Mount Elizabeth Hospital and the Community Isolation Facility at D’Resort NTUC for isolation and care.

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