Stay-Home-Notices To Be Issued To Returning Travellers Via Email From 27 Mar 2020

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Previously, we wrote about how the world is taking Taiwan as a case study when it comes to fighting Covid-19:

Countries Are Now Looking Towards Taiwan To Learn How To Fight Covid-19

And that includes Singapore.

Using What Works

Yes, tightening measures has caused great inconveniences to Singaporeans but at least, they seemed to have work for other countries.

Since the early days, Taiwan has been using technology to help fight the virus, first by integrating databases for Big Data Analytics and using electronic forms for faster immigration clearances.

Singapore is doing that too.

On 23 Mar 2020, the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) said that travellers coming into Singapore must complete their health declarations online before going for immigration clearance.

They can do so via the SG Arrival Card electronic service.

With faster clearance means less crowded immigration halls, which will lead to lesser Covid-19 transmission.

After all, crowding people into the same area is like begging for Covid-19 to strike.

Image: Giphy

In order to pass the customs into Singapore, you’ll need to show the acknowledgement e-mail either on your mobile device, or a hard copy that you’ve printed.

Data from the service can be used for contact tracing purposes and become part of the traveller’s medical history at local healthcare institutions.

The requirement for submitting health declarations online will start on 27 Mar 2020.

Make Sure You Submit Accurate Information

Now, in case you’re thinking of submitting false declarations…Don’t.

Because for one, you can be persecuted under the Infectious Diseases Act.


And two, starting from 27 Mar 2020, your Stay-Home-Notice will be sent to you via email. So if you’ve entered the wrong email, and you didn’t receive any notification, it’s your fault.

And as we all know, the Singapore government isn’t taking it easy against people who say I don’t know when they breach their SHN.

Guy Who Bragged Online About Eating in Hawker Centre While Serving SHN Has Responded

Which would lead to you being prosecuted under…you know it, the Infectious Diseases Act.

Image: Giphy

Don’t Play Play, The Government Don’t Want Covid-19 Here To Stay

In case you didn’t catch it, the Singapore government isn’t playing around with the Covid-19 issue.


Not when the numbers are increasing despite tightening measures.

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And if even a hint of threat is discovered, the government wouldn’t hesitate to step in.

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WayangSoldier666: But, my BMT sergeant got teach us: do everything, just don’t get caught.

Well, my encik also said this when he caught me ordering Boon Lay Nasi Lemak during ATEC stage 2:


Now’s not the time.

So let’s all be socially responsible, yeah, because as it has been proven, no matter how good a system is set in place, it won’t work if the participants test it every single day.

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