Shopee Guarantees the Lowest Prices Online for These Phones & Laptops If Not You Get 2X The Difference Back

There’s a new job in town, and the official job title is “Lowest Price Finder”.

Basically, you go to Shopee and look for products with this logo.

You know, like this.

Then you look at the price, and if you can find any other similar platforms selling the product at a lower price, you will get two times the difference in either Shopee vouchers or Shopee coins, both of which can be used to purchase products from Shopee.

That “payout” would be your “pay”.

As you can see, there’s no fixed pay but the sky is the limit for your pay: if you’re lazy, you won’t earn anything.

But if you’re hardworking enough… you won’t earn anything as well.


Yeah, because Shopee ensures that they’ve the lowest prices across all platforms.

I was just trolling you about the job (but you can try if you want), but the Lowest Price Guaranteed (LPG) thingy is real.

Shopee is serious on making sure that their prices are the lowest among all other platforms, so if you really happen to find LPG products that are cheaper in other platforms, Shopee will refund you vouchers worth two times the difference (if you’ve made the purchase) or give you Shopee coins two times the difference (if you haven’t made the purchase).

Here’s more information about this guarantee.

Next week, you’ll be greeted with tons of LPG products and here’s the good news: this time, it’s a Phone and Laptop Sale, so for some of you who are always looking to get a new phone or a new laptop, it’s time to break your piggy bank ‘coz this ain’t an everyday affair.

From midnight on 25 October 2017 to 27 October 2017, Shopee will be releasing a wide array of phones and laptops at the ultimate lowest prices online – they won’t just be reducing the prices of your favorite gadgets by a mere couple of dollars and simply throwing you ‘free gifts’ that you don’t need *cough* booths at IT Fairs *cough*. Expect so much more from Shopee!

Instead, the Phone and Laptop Sale has discounts up to 30%.

Yeah, no useless freebies, no pretty ladies walking around as vases or no gimmicks– just pure, steamy discounts.

If it hasn’t been clear enough, this sale will happen in the virtual world: to be more specific, in our beloved Shopee. If you’ve not used the e-commerce platform before, you can download it here (Android or iOS).

And if you really haven’t used it before (welcome back to Earth…BTW how was life on Mars?), you’re in for a treat: get $7 off your first $15 purchase with this promo code: LPGxGF.

This promo code will be valid from 25 October 2017 to 10 November 2017 at 11:59 p.m., so help your fellow earthlings by sharing it with your friends.

So, what awaits you on 25 October 2017?

For a start, do remember to camp in the app fifteen minutes before the deal starts, for we’re 288% certain that the good items would be sold out so fast, you wonder if they’re using a super smartphone.

And the last we know, there’s going to be many deals—but unfortunately, even after treating six Shopee staff dinner, they didn’t disclose all the deals except for these three.

Take a look at them first, and remember: there are more deals which you can view here. It won’t be updated until 25 October 2017 (and trust me, bringing them out for dinner won’t help).

Nokia 8 Smartphone with 1 Year Local Warranty at 13% Off

Original Price: $685.00
Discounted Price: $599.00

I know what you’re thinking: “Jinjja? Nokia? Which human being is still using a Nokia?”

Well, here’s an update about your favourite childhood phone: our beloved Nokia is now powered by Android, so it’s like your first love finally growing up and accepting you.

This high-end phone, which can compete with even the flagship phones from Apple and Samsung, was released just two months ago with an Octa-core CPU and 4 GB Ram. With 64 GB of storage space, you won’t see that dreaded “Inbox Full” which you often saw in your Nokia 3310 again.

Isn’t this just like your first love, who used to be a cute girl, becoming a beautiful lady?

And at just mere $599, it’s going to steal your heart…again.

Step aside, Samsung and Apple. Our first love is back.

HP Stream 11 Laptop with 2 Years Local Warranty at 30% Off

Original Price: $369.00
Discounted Price: $259.00

What if…I tell you that you can get a brand new laptop for less than $260? Would you believe me?

Maybe not now, but on 25 October, you’ll regret your decision.

The HP Stream 11 is a budget laptop that not only fits your budget but also into whatever bag you have. With 4G Ram, Windows 10 (that OS itself already cost over $100!) and two cores, this 11.6″ laptop is perfect for school or work.

The funky design also makes it a perfect prop for your Instagram shot, and with a free laptop sleeve, you might just buy it for the sake of buying it.

Oh, did I also mention that there’s a 1-year McAfee Internet Security…worth over $25? Guess both you and I are wondering the same thing: are they making money?

But who cares.

HP Envy Laptop 13″ AD115TU Laptop with 2 Years Local Warranty at 8% Off

Original Price: $1,399.00
Discounted Price: $1,289.00

Budget laptop not your cup of tea because you want something more powerful for your games? Fret not, there’s still something for you. In comes this high power laptop that’s popular for its sleekness and thinness.

At a mere 1.23 kg, this laptop comes with 8 GB Ram, four cores and an Intel® UHD Graphics 620. Perfect for the gamer in you, and also for the video editor in you!

While it can’t make others envy you, others will envy its price: for just $1,289, it’s the cheapest you can get anywhere.

After all, remember the Lowest Price Guaranteed?

With such low prices (to be more specific, the lowest prices), these deals would be flown off the virtual shelves faster than you can imagine, so be sure to camp in your app fifteen minutes before the clock strikes midnight on 25 October 2017.

Remember, these are not the only deals. There are much more which will be revealed in this link (it’ll only be active on 25 October 2017).

And if you’re new to Shopee, the promo code of LPGxGF will slash $7 off your first $15.

Don’t wait liao: look for your piggy bank and break it now!

This article was first published in and written in collaboration with Shopee