There’s a Shortage of Christmas Trees & Log Cakes in S’pore


Decking the halls (your corner of the living room, more specifically) with Christmas decor might be more difficult this year.

With Christmas nearing, retailers have stocked up their inventories, some by as much as 30 per cent, in preparation for an increase in demand.

Unfortunately, obstacles and bumps in the road are arising. Supply chain disruptions are delaying shipments and pushing up freight costs.

A retailer selling Christmas trees said it has run into shipping issues due to port delays, uncertain arrival times, and rising costs.

This can all be attributed to everyone’s favourite word of the year: inflation.

Usually, trees imported from the United States take roughly 23 days to arrive via sea. However, there have been delays of up to about a week this year.

It seems that not even the magic of Christmas can be shielded from the ongoing turmoils of the world.

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Despite this, the spirit and enthusiasm of holidaymakers remain strong as the demand for Christmas trees remains untouched.

Ji Mei Flower floral store, a retailer of the popular fir trees, reports an average of 50 orders daily and says that each shipment of around 500 trees can be sold within a week or two.

Furthermore, it says that it is handling this new challenge by carefully planning and scheduling and making sure that it has reserve stock available.

While the store stocks up to a week’s worth of buffer supply, an expected increase in demand as Christmas draws nearer makes it uncertain if their inventory will be enough.



Log Cakes Face Similar Troubles

By extension of the Christmas joy that is the Christmas tree facing global supply chain issues, the iconic log cake is also struggling.

According to retailer Awfully Chocolate, famous for its (you guessed it) chocolate goodies, the time taken for its raw ingredients to be shipped has increased by roughly a third. Since Christmas is Awfully Chocolate’s biggest season, Mrs Lyn Lee, the founder, has said that her team planned in advance to avoid and prevent supply risks.

Like the tree retailers, the sweets industry is gearing up and preparing for the worst.

For Awfully Chocolate, whose primary product is (you guessed it again) chocolate, the delay in supplies also affects their other staples, not just their log cakes.

Saving Christmas (and Future Holidays)

Looking ahead, inflation poses a giant issue, particularly regarding festive seasons.

Who wants to dig into Chinese New Year goodies or Deepavali treats with the thought of inflation looming over them?

Well, Awfully Chocolate seems to be taking the right steps to prevent such a dreadful future.

Awfully Chocolate and its sister Sinpopo Brand have actually managed to lower their prices for a few of their processes and materials, which means their customers have reduced prices for certain products.

An example of this would be their iconic All-Chocolate Cake which now costs $4 less than it did a year ago.

Indeed, the solution to this problem appears to be as simple as planning.


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